Cover Chat: JR Ward's Upcoming Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel, Lover Reborn

It’s no secret that the Black Dagger Brotherhood is one of the most popular paranormal series out there. J.R. Ward started the series with 2005’s Dark Lover, and it quickly captured the imagination of paranormal romance fans. This spring, readers will be able to get their hands on the tenth installment, Lover Reborn. But so far, the project has been surrounded by secrecy.

We know that this is Tohrment’s story, a member of the brotherhood that has endured unimaginable pain. He lost his mate and is, according to the book’s back cover blurb, “unrecognisable [sic] as the vampire leader he once was.” Now, in order to free his beloved from an icy prison, Tohr must find space in his heart for a new love. After meeting a woman with shrouded origins, his heart may begin to thaw but will this new avenue lead to their salvation — or damnation?

One look at cover shows a man who looks like although he has been dealt some harsh blows by life, it has not broken him. The swirl in the upper left hand corner looks like a brand, or an otherworldly maelstrom. But if it’s the later, does it stand for the woman Tohr lost, the mystery woman he has just met? Or perhaps it symbolizes the struggle the BDB must face as political turmoil, in the form of the lessers and a new breed of vampires, comes to a climax ... No matter what it represents, I can't wait for the book's March 27 release date.

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