Cover Chat: Juliana Gray’s A Gentleman Never Tells

Since Juliana Gray’s historical debut in August, with RT Top Pick! A Lady Never Lies (which also won our August Seal of Excellence), I’ve been metaphorically stalking her characters all over the Tuscan countryside in anticipation of her second Affairs By Moonlight novel, A Gentleman Never Tells. I mean, seriously: Give me six smart characters, a touch of mystery, a splash of skullduggery and the backdrop of Victorian progress and I am yours. I will follow Juliana Gray anywhere — or at least to the end of this trilogy!

However, romance for Lilibet and Roland, the main duo in November’s A Gentleman Never Tells doesn’t come quite as easily. Six years ago, Miss Elizabeth Harewood and Lord Roland Penhallow were a young pair on the cusp of a grand love, full of hope for the future until duty and distance pulled them apart. Now, coming face-to-face in an Italian inn, neither of them is precisely who they were … or who they seem to be. Lilibet, now Countess of Somerton and on the run from her ruthless earl husband, hides a wealth of emotion under a veil of calm while Roland plays featherbrain to conceal a razor-sharp mind. Though they each wear carefully constructed masks, what they can’t hold back is the passion they still harbor for each other. It’s a passion that could destroy them both … or forge a bond even stronger than the one they thought lost forever.

Stuck in a Tuscan castle while their friends engage in a merry battle of the sexes and gamble with their hearts, Lilibet and Roland will realize that their biggest risk — rekindling their love — is also their best bet. That is, if Lilibet’s estranged husband doesn’t get in the way …

What I love about the cover for A Gentleman Never Tells is that you see exactly the Lilibet that she shows to the public — the almost untouchably beautiful woman who seems like grace personified — but there’s a glimmer of wicked in her eyes and a seductive promise in her smile, hints of the wild Lilibet that Roland has always loved. You look at her, and you know exactly why this particular gentleman would kiss but never tell! Bonus? I actually know the stunning lady “playing” Lilibet. Featured on many a romance cover, Norwegian model, actress and journalist Ewa Da Cruz used to play globetrotting socialite Vienna Hyatt on the CBS soap As the World Turns. If you think she looks gorgeous in a cleavage-y red ball gown, I can assure you that she’s equally stunning on a softball field, wearing sweatpants, with her hair pulled up in a ponytail. She’s a little unreal, and if she weren’t so darned nice you’d almost have to hate her — just like poised, passionate Lilibet!

So, what do you think of the cover for A Gentleman Never Tells? Are you as excited about Juliana Gray as I am? Have you spotted Ewa Da Cruz on a recent book cover? Tell me in the comments below!