Cover Chat: Karen Marie Moning's Burned

Karen Marie Moning has just revealed the cover of her next Deckle Edge book, Burned. A quick poll around the RT office shows that most of the magazine editors think that this book will feature Dani O’Malley, the young teen who stood by MacKayla Lane’s side during the Fever books. Dani is a deadly sidhe-seer who has super-strength and speed, and is certainly not a lady to mess with. There’s no word on what trouble Dani will find (or what trouble will find her) in Burned, but we do know whatever it is will have us mesmerized.

The author wrote on her Facebook page that there might be about 14 months between her books, which, according to our top-notch math skills, means Burned will hit shelves in January 2014. It also means you’ll have a chance to catch up by reading the most recent book in Moning’s Fever universe, Iced.

We chatted about the cover of Iced when it was first unveiled back in April 2012, and as the titles suggest, the cover of Iced was a lot more frigid than this fiery Burned cover. Additionally, it looks like Moning's covers are taking a turn away from the traditional Urban Fantasy look. While Dani took up only a fraction of Iced's cover, Burned has no characters to be seen, making the plot a mystery. The author's name also has a very George R.R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire feel, and fills nearly the entire cover, which has us thinking maybe Moning's publisher is trying to elevate her to superstar author status — as if she needs any help!

In addition to the new cover, Moning also shared this teaser image with fans. It looks like Dani might find herself in some hot water.

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