Cover Chat: Larissa Ione’s Bound By Night

Breakout paranormal romance star Larissa Ione is releasing a new series and has just revealed the cover for book 1, Bound By Night.

The absolutely gorgeous book cover reveals quite a bit about what is happening in the series starter. The hottie hanging out on the gravestone? That’s Riker a member of the renegade vampire MoonBound Clan. With black leather, a teeny patch of muscled abdomen and a piercing gaze — we are already in love! And so is the author. Larissa says that the artist captured Riker’s sexy/dangerous essence completely.

Isn't that reclining pose awesome? Did you notice the subliminal placement of the dagger? *g* I gotta say, I think Pocket got our hero right. The Riker on the cover looks very much like the Riker I pictured in my head. I can't wait for readers to meet him!

Actually, with the intensity of that stare, it looks like Riker wants to get to know us as well. However, we know that those burning baby blues are actually set on one woman — Nicole Martin. Her family was responsible for enslaving Riker's people and now he is out for revenge.

Because Nicole is not shown on the book cover, we asked the author to give us a description of her upcoming heroine.

Nicole is our strawberry blonde, green-eyed heroine who is scarred on the inside and the outside from a horrific vampire attack when she was a child. She's also the reluctant head of a multinational company that revolutionized vampire slavery and that leads the world in research using vampires to cure human illnesses and slow aging. Nicole has only recently returned to her childhood home to take over where her parents, who started the company, left off, and it's not long before she understands how ruthless both vampires and humans can be.

Hmmm … ruthless she says. Certainly these MoonBound Clan vampires can’t be any worse than the demons in the author’s Demonica series or the Lords of Deliverance can they? Talking with Larissa, she points out that while the Four Horsemen in her Lords series are her most powerful and dangerous creations (after all, they can destroy thousands of humans at a time with just a thought), the vampires of the MoonBound Clan have their own brand of destruction.

In this series we have an worldwide human population dependent upon vampires as a source of labor and income. There's an huge industry that revolves around vampires and keeps humans employed, healthy, and forever young. But the vampires who have managed to avoid being captured and turned into slaves are starting to fight back. Some want to end vampire slavery, and others won't stop until they see a total collapse of human society … and until humans become the hunted instead of the hunters.

We don’t know about you, but if all the vampires look like Riker, then we say bring on the rebellion! However, heroine Nicole might not be too keen on the idea since Bound By Night begins with her being kidnapped by Riker so he can exact his revenge. But perhaps some time alone with a sexy vampire is just what Nicole needs. We will see on September 24 when book one of the MoonBound Clan Vampire series releases.   

Are you looking forward to Larissa Ione’s new series? Or maybe you have some thoughts on the delicious Riker. Let us know in the comments below. And for more supernatural reads, check out our Everything Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Page!