Cover Chat: Lauren Oliver's Panic

She captivated us with Before I Fall and pulled our heartstrings again and again with the Delirium trilogy; her middle grade novels have enchanted young readers, and she has become one of the most powerful and respected writers in the industry. Now with Panic, bestselling author and RT favorite Lauren Oliver is set to take readers on yet another whirlwind adventure, one where a dangerous competition of fear and bravery can lead to a life-changing payoff. While the book won’t be out until next March, HarperCollins gave readers something to tide them over until then — the cover!

But before we take a look, let’s see what this book is all about ...

Heather never thought she’d participate in Panic, the legendary competition graduating seniors in her town play. But when she realizes she has something — someone — to fight for, she’ll find herself in the thick of action. She’s not the only one with a reason to play, though, and everyone, including Dodge, who has never been afraid of the game, has secrets that fuel their desire to win. In the midst of this high-stakes game, Heather and Dodge will discover first love, forge unexpected alliances and learn that sometimes fear can lead to strength.

Alright, onto the cover!

While readers, booksellers and librarians have seen many Young Adult novels featuring a black background on their covers, I’m a big fan of the simplicity and contrast this solid color provides. The black background for Panic not only makes the girl, presumably Heather, — and her hair! — and text stand out, it also adds a palpable feeling of mystery and danger to the image. And while the overall concept is similar to the Delirium covers, Panic is memorable and intriguing and it definitely makes me excited (one might even say antsy) to read the book! Why must March 4th, 2014 be so far away?

Alright, readers, sound off! Let me know what you think of Lauren Oliver’s latest cover in the comments and be sure to stay up to date with all the latest teen book news over on our Everything Young Adult Page!