Cover Chat: One Book, Five Looks for Stephanie Laurens’ Next Cynster Book

Readers have been in love with Stephanie Laurens’ Cynster family since the series starter, Devil’s Bride, was released in 1998. Over a decade and many, many books later, we are still clamoring for more exploits from this scandalous family.

From governesses finding their happily ever afters to arranged marriages, so far each character from the Cynster clan has found their perfect mate. However, in Laurens’ next outing, heroine Henrietta Cynster is not looking for a man. In fact, she has earned the nickname “The Matchbreaker” by stopping ill-fated weddings before they can happen. So what happens when this lady, who is dedicated to splitting up unions, decides to help put a couple together? Nothing good, especially when Henrietta finds herself falling for the prospective groom.

Fans eager to get their hands on Henrietta’s story, And Then She Fell, will have to wait until March 26, 2013 to pick up a copy of the book. But the author has put together a treat for fans. Stephanie is giving readers the chance to pick out Henrietta’s book cover! Here are the five choices: 

So what do you think? Does one cover stand out as what you were thinking for this spirited heroine? Let’s take a look at the choices one-by-one.

The first cover, with the model dressed in a dark color with her face cut off, looks more like a historical fiction book to us. Similar in feel to Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl, (you can see the cover here) perhaps this choice is not the best for a lighthearted romp that we know Laurens will provide.

Choice number two, the “reclining lady” is much more in keeping with what we have come to expect from historical romances. Similar in feel to recent releases, Along Came A Duke by Elizabeth Boyle and The Seduction of Lady X by Julia London, this bright background and contemplative lady looks like a winning cover to us.

The third pick, with a close up of the lady’s face, is quite similar to Christina Dodd’s cover for Treasure of the Sun (seen here). But while there is a similarity here, the third choice is quite unusual. If you are a reader who wants to know exactly what your heroine looks like, then this might be your pick.

For look number four, we are whisked away to an elegant estate where, presumably, Laurens’ story will play out. While the long view of a gorgeous house has recently fallen out of favor for a lot of romance stories, there are a few similar looking covers to this such as Mary Balogh’s The Proposal (you can see the cover here) and Brenda Joyce’s Persuasion (take a look here).

Each of these four covers certainly makes a statement and would definitely work for a historical romance cover, however, not so for the fifth and final cover. This brocade-covered book is unlike anything really out there now, except for maybe a few select self-published titles. And while we are usually all about unique looks, this last graphic may be too far away from the norm for us to get behind.

We want to hear from you! Which cover art for Stephanie Laurens’ 2013 novel And Then She Fell are you thinking fits the author and series best? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to cast your vote for your favorite.  For more romance visit our Everything Romance Page.