Cover Chat: One Sweet Ride By Jaci Burton

Take one sports star, one independent heroine, add a whole lot of passion and stir. This seems to be the winning recipe for Jaci Burton’s Play-by-Play series. So far the author has shown readers the inside of football locker rooms, hockey penalty boxes and across baseball fields. But for her next outing, One Sweet Ride, she is gearing up and putting us in the fast lane!

The upcoming release will feature mogul Gray Preston and his car racing empire. Gray is handsome, wealthy, talented and has just about everything a man can wish for — except for a good relationship with his dad. Wanting nothing to do with his senator father’s national campaign, Gray generally steers clear of politics. But when Evelyn Hill, one of the senator’s aides, shows up at his racetrack in order to get Gray’s cooperation, the hero just might be willing to play politics if it means getting to spend more time with Evelyn.

For Evelyn’s part she knows — absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt — that a relationship with her boss’s son is not a good idea. But one look at Gray has her best intentions flying out the window along with her common sense.

After following this series for four — soon to be five — books, I am really looking forward to getting to read about professional racing — and the hunky men who take part in it. Don’t get me wrong, Burton could probably write about any athlete and make me fall in love, but there is just so much adrenaline on the track that I can’t wait for this high octane ride!

The lone, muscle bound male gracing the front of One Sweet Ride harkens back to previous Play-by-Play stories. However, there is one big change. For the first time we get an image on one of the Play-by-Play covers — the blurry car which is obviously reflects the new sport. And behind the vehicle are some ominous clouds. Could this mean rough roads ahead for Gray and Evelyn? I am guessing yes.

But while the background for this cover is a bit different from previous stories in the series, readers are sure to be pleased with another shirtless hero. Especially one as ripped as Gray.

And who else noticed that for the first time we get a look at a hero’s face (or at least a partial look)? A handsome, clean cut man with dark hair who is looking for love — sign me up! But I can’t help but wonder the reason that we get to see so much of Gray. Could it be because he is going to be the first protag from a Play-by-Play novel that is not from the Riley family? That’s right, after meeting siblings Mick, Gavin and Jenna Riley from the first three books, The Perfect Play, Changing the Game and Taking a Shot, and then cousins Cole from Playing to Win and Alicia in the upcoming Thrown By A Curve, Gray can’t claim the Riley’s as family, but he is a close friend. Either way, one look at his cover, and I already can’t wait for the book’s release. Too bad we have to wait until next summer to get to know Gray and Evelyn.

Are you as excited as Dawn is for the next Play-by-Play novel? Let us know in the comments below. And if you want to learn more about the series, click here for an exclusive interview with Jaci Burton. And for more sizzling stories, make sure to check out RT’s Everything Erotica Page.