Cover Chat: Paranormal Edition With Hamilton, Armstrong And Singh

Usually on the RT Daily Blog we chat about just one book cover at a time, but in honor of Halloween (and because we are especially excited for these upcoming titles), today RT's Dawn is discussing three newly revealed covers from paranormal powerhouses Laurell K. Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong and Nalini Singh.



Those smirking ruby red lips and piercing blue eyes can only mean one thing — Anita Blake is back! On June 4, 2013 the incomparable Laurell K. Hamilton will release the twenty-second story in her Vampire Hunter series.

Readers hungering for more of Anita's edgy, sexy style will no doubt get their fix with Affliction, however, fans will have to wait a bit longer before finding out what adventure is next for this menacing heroine since the cover blurb has not yet been released. But have no fear because I have scoured the Internet for some clues about this upcoming title. And what I have found is that there promises to be some major drama regarding Anita and one of her partners, Micah. The author has written to readers on her blog and Twitter account: "Anita & Micah have to have a serious, sad talk." Hamilton also describes a scene from the story where the two characters visit Micah's family for some "hard emotional work".

While I have no doubt that mining some deep personal issues is on the agenda, I am also betting that some seriously sexy time is also coming our way. After all, Affliction's cover has Anita staring quite intently at a male figure and I for one am excited to read what she plans to do with this man lurking in the shadows.



Anyone who has ever read a Kelley Armstrong book knows that this outstanding author has spooky down to a science. Armstrong is once again flexing her spine-chilling talents with Omens, the first in her upcoming Cainsville series releasing August 20, 2013. 

If the cover is anything to go by, the town of Cainsville doesn't look to be too welcoming. A moon setting early in the day, paired with bare tree branches and an empty street isn't exactly making me feel all warm and fuzzy. And from what I've read from the cover copy, heroine Olivia Taylor Jones isn't having a great time in Cainsville herself. 

Olivia grew up with a prominent Chicago family and has had a lot of personal and professional success, but this all changes when she finds out that she is adopted and her birth parents are a pair of notorious serial killers currently in jail for life. Looking for information about her past, Olivia travels to Cainsville. Once there, between her investigation and dodging some seriously creepy characters, and one not-so-creepy lawyer named Gabriel Walsh, Olivia starts to notice that she is manifesting some strange skills. Is it her imagination or are these gifts paranormal in nature? Only time will tell. 



Readers, it is very, very possible that I have I saved the best for last. (Hey, I have never kept my love for Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series a secret!) Let's face it, you just can't go wrong when pairing up some uber-intellectual Psys with wild shifter Changelings. And on March 5, 2013 we will be getting a quadruple dose of sexy stories when the author releases her anthology Wild Invitation.

The cover shows that this collection is undeniably set in the Psy-Changeling alternate universe. With a prominent bare male chest decorated with tell-tale animal scratches, the faceless hero on this cover could be any one of the heroes found in this collection. 

Singh reveals on her blog that this anthology will contain four short stories. Two re-releases include "Beat of Temptation" featuring healer Tamsyn and DarkRiver sentinel Nathan and "Stroke of Enticement" about a human school teacher who falls for a leopard Changeling. I have read and loved both of these stories, but what has me really excited are the additional two never-before-pubbed novellas. "Declaration of Courtship" promises to be a bit different from other Psy-Changeling tales thanks to the unusual heroine who the author describes as a "shy submissive wolf". And then there is "Texture of Intimacy", where we drop back in on Psy Walker and Changeling healer Lara. These two were mated in Singh's 2011 release Kiss of Snow, but apparently there is more to their happily-ever-after, which I am hoping involves Walker's adorable young daughter Marlee. 


Are you excited for these upcoming reads? Tell us in the comments which ones have grabbed your interest. And for more genre news, make sure to check out our Everything Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Page