Cover Chat: Rush Me By Allison Parr

As you can tell from our numerous blog posts, reviews, contests and articles, we at RT are kind of into the New Adult genre right now, which stars protagonists ages 18 to 25.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, believing the publishing wisdom that no one wanted to read college- and post-college-set books. But I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong, just like Jerry Orbach taught us. Lena Dunham and millions of rabid readers can’t be wrong: New Adult is officially a thing.

And who better to write about those tumultuous years than an actual new adult? Carina Press debut author — and millennial — Allison Parr tells us of her upcoming title Rush Me: “Many of my friends said they'd stopped reading because nothing reflected their life, so I included everything we deal with: high school reunions, interfering parents, weird jobs, new cities and basically doing anything to avoid moving back into our childhood homes.”

That’s the thing about the New Adult genre, there’s a lot of built-in drama in those years when you’re figuring yourself out, spending late nights at bars before dragging yourself to class or work the next morning. Or maybe that’s not how it is, and Lena Dunham is lying to us. We asked Parr what she was really doing when she missed Carina Press Executive Editor Angela James’ offer call, which came on a Friday night. “I was staring at the phone and wondering if the caller was a librarian from California, trying to collect my $12 fine,” Parr confesses. “I listened to the message an hour later. At first I didn't understand what was going on, but after a minute my brain started working, and I started dancing around the kitchen and punching the air with exuberance (I’m real cool).”

And the rest, as they say, is history! Today on the RT Daily Blog we are more than pleased to reveal the Rush Me cover. Parr sets the scene for us: “Rachael, the protagonist of Rush Me, is very true-to-life for a twentysomething in New York City — except, of course, she accidentally gatecrashes a pro-athlete party and falls in love with a star quarterback. I’m still waiting for that to happen.” When asked about her feelings on the cover designed, the author replied, "I was thrilled, and didn't want anything tweaked. You can tell right away that this is a New Adult romance novel ... The title really pops out, and you can see the couple clearly — and he looks athletic, which is important given that he's a quarterback!" I couldn't agree more!

You can download a copy of Rush Me, available digitally on April 8. For more New Adult — and young adult — visit our Everything YA Page.