Cover Chat: Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper

While I shared some of my highly anticipated YA releases in one of our Book Hankerings posts, there's one debut I'm particularly excited about: Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper. With a historical backdrop, witches and a hot, tattooed harpoon boy, what's not to love? The bad news is the book doesn't come out until September. Oh, the agony. But the publishing gods must feel sorry for my because Little, Brown recently released the book's cover and it's so pretty it'll help tide me over until the fall. Let's take a look:

First of all, I love how electric and striking the blue background is and the way the ripples of water give it an extra punch. And look at that rope and heart-shaped knot! The rope contrasts so well with the dark color scheme that I feel as though I could reach out and actually feel its rough, worn texture and the curves of the knot. And the section where the rope is about to break is an excellent way to illustrate readers can expect some intense conflict.

I'm certainly not the only person drooling over the cover. Kendall Kulper is excited about it, too! "As soon as I saw [it], I knew it was the perfect representation of Avery and her story," she said. "There are so many beautiful details...that speak to important moments in Avery's life, a nd I can't wait for readers to discover how much meaning is behind the cover." Kendall agrees that the blue background is "striking and eye-catching" and loves how different the cover feels from others in the YA world. "I'm so lucky to have such a gorgeous cover."

What say you, faithful readers? What's your favorite part about the cover? Sound off in the comments! To learn more about Salt & Storm, visit Kendall's official website here. And for even more YA covers, authors and books, head on over to our Everything Young Adult Page!