Cover Chat: Samantha Young's Down London Road

The cover for Samantha Young’s anticipated follow up to On Dublin Street has been revealed and it is HOT! I will admit that I was not a huge fan of first cover in the series. It was very dark and would have been excellent artwork for a vampire paranormal tale, however, it was not right for the soulful contemporary romance.

On the other hand, Down London Road's cover makes me want to start reading this book right now. The sexual tension between the models is electric. The cover is just so light, modern and very sexy.

Down London Road, releasing later this year, will feature heroine Johanna, who we met in the series first. Joanna is a waitress who likes rich men, but is it possible she is gold digger with a heart of … gold? Johanna responsible for taking care of her family, especially her younger brother, so she has always dated men not based on her personal preference, but on how well they would be able to provide for her loved ones.

Down London Road has Jo spending time with Cameron MacCabe, a sexy new bartender, and this forces her to question her rules. For the first time Jo starts to think about herself, but with a lifetime of putting other’s needs ahead of her own, Jo is conflicted. When Cam moves into the flat below Jo’s, he knows that he needs her just as much as she needs him, even if she is unwilling to admit it. The cover reflects this tension with a "I want to kiss you but I know I shouldn’t" pose from Jo and a "you know you are going to kiss me and enjoy every minute of it" feeling from Cam.

By far my favorite thing about the cover is the quote, “She thinks she knows what she wants… until he shows her what she needs.” Sigh … I just love a strong, confident hero. The kind of guy who will fight for the woman he loves. And Jo's unwillingness to take their relationship to the next level is also a great twist on a classic trope. There is something so endearing about watching a man finally find the woman of his dreams only to discover that she is the one afraid of commitment.

While I am rooting for Cam, I will admit that I am a bit concerned about Johanna as a lead character. She does not come off well in On Dublin Street. But Young has shown such a talent for writing characters and plots that are full of redemption and emotional depth that I'm sure she will have me warming to Jo in no time.

Reading about these two as they fall in love should be exciting, and I can’t wait for the story. I know that I have my calendar marked for May 7, 2013. I have Cam’s name down with a big heart around it!

What do you think of the Down London Road cover? Tell me in the comments below. And you can read my reviews for more exciting reads on RT's Everything Romance Page.