Cover Chat: Sherry Thomas' The Burning Sky

Many readers know author Sherry Thomas for her stunning historical romance novels. Thomas’ 2008 debut, Private Arrangements won RT Reviewers’ Choice Award for best first historical romance and the author’s nominations have been fast and furious ever since. Considered one of the most innovative romance authors writing today, Thomas has a golden touch when it comes to crafting complex relationships that defy description.

During an interview several years ago, Ms. Thomas mentioned to RT that she was eventually looking to branch out from historical romance to try something new. And boy has the author made good on her promise! The cover for Sherry’s next project has been revealed — everyone take a gander at gorgeous artwork for the Young Adult novel The Burning Sky.

Releasing in December, The Burning Sky is the first in the Elemental Trilogy, an out-of-this world series that takes a sixteen-year-old Iolanthe Seabourne, an elemental mage on the journey of a lifetime. Iolanthe is destined to defeat the tyrant Bane in order to save The Realm, however, she is completely unprepared for the prophesied battle to the death. And to make her task all the more difficult, Iolanthe has an unwelcome protector — Prince Titus of Elberon. After losing his family to Bane, Titus is set on taking down his enemy even if he must sacrifice himself in the process. But when he finds himself falling in love with Iolanthe, will Titus be willing to sacrifice her as well?

Okay, so who is wanting, needing to know a little more about this relationship? Thomas has already anticipated your request and along with the cover, has also posted an excerpt from the story. Here’s a taste:

Ever since they first met, the prince had watched her intensely—after all, he believed her to be the means to his impossible ends. But since their exit from the Crucible, his gaze had seemed more ... personal.

“What do you want now, Your Highness?”

He raised a brow. “I already have you. Should I want anything else?”

For the full excerpt, check out Sherry’s website.

Now, if you will excuse us, we are heading back to our favorite past time on this Valentine’s morning — gazing longingly at the cover of The Burning Sky and thinking how much we would love to help defend that beautiful castle under attack. Unfortunately, we will not be able to join in on the fantasy until September 17th, when book officially hits shelves.

We want to know: Will you be following Sherry Thomas as she jumps into the Young Adult genre? Or will you be waiting for her next historical romance, The Luckiest Lady in London, which releases in November?