Cover Chat: Thrown By A Curve The March 2013 Release In The Play-By-Play Series From Jaci Burton

I am not ashamed to admit that I love the covers of Jaci Burton’s Play-By-Play erotic romances. Just one look at those barely dressed professional athletes and I'm feeling hot, hot, hot! With the September 4th release date of book four, Playing to Win, fast approaching, I am getting very excited for a new sports hero to fall in love with. But just because we have to wait for the next story, doesn't mean more book covers aren't being revealed in the meantime.

That's right, Jaci has been obliging about dropping hints about book five, Thrown by a Curve, and readers who are “faithfully keeping up” (because “Internet stalking” is such an ugly phrase) we know that the story has already been turned into the editor, even though it isn’t slated to hit the shelves until March 2013. And now we've got a chance to check out the cover of TbaC.

So exactly why am I so anxious to get my hands on book five? Not only are we going to be getting another sexy sports star, but this book gives us a heroine in a field that we don’t hear a lot about: sports therapy. Heroine Alicia Riley spends her days working with the St. Louis Rivers baseball team. (Doesn’t that sound like the kind of workplace scenery I’d love to see day in and out? Hot gentlemen in minimal amounts of clothing? I think yes!)

Things are going pretty well for our Ms. Riley until she becomes star pitcher Garrett Scott’s go-to gal while he's recovering. An injury took Garrett out of the action, but he’s determined to get back into the game by opening day and with such a big task ahead of him, he’s not wasting any time on summoning up a cheerful attitude. Instead the handsome man is being positively hard to work with!

The one thing that this pair can agree on is that what’s happening between them is explosive. A quick glance at the cover and let me tell you, I’m not surprised that working with all that sexy skin is white hot. I mean it’s easy to see that the man is positively glistening with a come hither glow. The chemistry Garret and Alicia have is so intense that Garrett would like to take it from the hypothetical to the experimental stage, and do some hands-on research. The back cover blurb tells us, “the way he figures it, what better therapy is there than sex? Now all he has to do is convince the woman with the power to make the call.”

This steamy cover has me wishing I could press fast forward on life. I’d zoom by all the mundane days of 2012 and speed us all the way up to next March. That way we wouldn’t have long to wait until Thrown by a Curve is available to be picked off the shelves.

So I want to know, what do you think of the latest Play-By-Play cover? Tell me in the comments below. And for more genre coverage be sure to check out RT's Everything Erotica Page!