Cover Chat: Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

Jeaniene Frost fans will be singing “Reunited and It Feels So Good” after this bit of news. Recently the author revealed the cover for Twice Tempted, the second Night Prince novel that releases March 26, 2013. And I don't know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to get more of the love story between Vlad “don’t call me Dracula” Tepesh and his heroine Leila.

In the series starter, Once Burned, Vlad, a secondary character from Frost’s Night Huntress universe (hola Cat and Bones fans!) finally got the spotlight he so richly deserved when he met up with Leila, a human who has special paranormal abilities. While Vlad has spent the last couple hundred years in violence, solidifying his reputation as the biggest, baddest, meanest vampire around, Leila has been pretty much on her own for a decade because her abilities stop her from safely interacting with others. Leila purposefully keeps to herself so that she doesn’t accidentally kill or maim others with the electricity she channels. And her lonely existence has another bonus, it also helps Leila stay sane. With just one touch, this heroine is able to see the worst sins of others — and let me tell you, this is not the best ability to have when you are dealing with the Impaler himself.

In the RT Reviewers’ Choice nominated book, Once Burned, Leila and Vlad find that they are very compatible in almost every way. However, even as they grew closer, there was something holding Vlad back from revealing his emotions. And in the upcoming novel Twice Tempted, Leila has had enough. With her boyfriend’s staunch refusal to admit that he loves her, this independent heroine takes off for her old life (never let it be said that she is a pushover!). While they are separated, Leila finds herself torn. The back cover copy of this second book has us wondering if Leila will chose “the fiery vampire who arouses her passions like no other or the tortured knight who longs to be more than a friend”.

A love triangle! Jeaniene Frost will never cease to amaze me with her devious ways of torturing her characters. 

But even with this new twist, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who my choice would be. I am definitely on Team Vlad and one look at Twice Tempted and I think all readers will see why. What woman could resist this scruffy, muscle bound hero with tortured eyes? Certainly someone stronger than me! Let’s face it — Vlad is H-O-T and that is before you factor in the fire that he is standing in on this cover. The bright red and orange flames are an attention getter and much different from Once Burned's cool hues. Another thing I am noticing is that in this second outing, Vlad has his back turned towards the reader. Is this our fearless hero feeling a bit vulnerable? Or is he turning away from his wicked old life to embrace his future Leila? I certainly hope that Vlad can find his way back into his heroine’s heart, but at the same time, I am also wanting this bad boy to stay just a wee bit dangerous. After all, no one wants a completely defanged Dracula.

Hot or not? What do you think of the cover of second Night Prince novel? Let me know in the comments below. And while you are waiting for Twice Tempted's March release, head over to RT's Everything Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Page where you will find more vampire heroes.