Cover Chat: When Summer Comes By Brenda Novak

Here’s the thing about Brenda Novak, the woman could write a discount store circular and it would be enjoyable. I’d curl up with a cup of tea to read her surely lyrical descriptions of dollar dish soap and discounted dental floss.

So whenever there’s news about an upcoming romance from Novak, you can bet that I’m all ears. Or, in this case, eyes. Because last week Harlequin released the cover of Novak’s next Whiskey Creek novel, When Summer Comes, due out February, 2013.

Now, I know we’re all in the midst of holiday madness. I sat down to write this blog post after addressing holiday cards, our family Christmas tree is looking awfully bare, and my shopping list is still a mile long. But doesn’t this cover just evoke springtime? Bunnies and bouquets and … no holiday cards, woefully unstamped? The yellow offers a warm glow, a glow that will surely envelop us when we read the love story of Levi and Callie.

And let’s be honest, my hopes are quite high for this novel, because Novak’s last Whiskey Creek novel, When Snow Falls, was amazing. I loved the romance between Cheyenne and bad boy Dylan so much that I sent ALL CAPS emails to the RT offices, proclaiming my total adoration. (I might have also used some emoticons, and also some <3s, I am not ashamed, the book is that good). Everyone agreed about the supreme awesomeness, and we awarded When Snow Falls the November Seal of Excellence, the best book of the month.

So I’m already attached to the Whiskey Creek gang, those longtime friends who meet for coffee weekly to catch up. (Does anyone in real life actually have time to do this? If so, can you please invite me?) And I know some tears will probably flow, as Callie is very ill. And then there’s mysterious drifter Levi. (That’s right, a mysterious, sexy drifter. How are we ever going to make it to February?!) Callie’s avoiding her dire diagnosis by staying on her grandparent’s farm. Levi arrives just in time to help her tame the land. What will happen when he finds out her secret? Will Callie survive? Will love bloom again in Whiskey Creek? Will I make it through the holidays so that I can find out?

Let’s all hope together, dear readers. Because February will be here soon enough, as will the glow of Novak’s prose, and her lovely new book cover.

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