Cover Reveal: Below The Belt By Sidney Halston

Cover reveal time! You ready? Today we're pleased to reveal the brand spanking new cover of Sidney Halston's Below the Belt, third in her Worth the Fight series about sexy MMA fighters.

There's no official blurb for the book yet, but here's what the author has to say about the story and the cover:

"Hope you all love Tony Marino, the hero of Below the Belt. He's the Cuban bad boy kickboxer from Worth the Fight Academy; the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. I can picture him getting out of the beach before heading to the nearest club in South Beach to cause a ruckus, flirt with the ladies and do a few laps on the dance floor. Hopefully, he hasn't gotten into another fight. I've been thinking about why his shirt is ripped and I have all sorts of theories about that — most lean toward naughty. But, I'd love to hear everyone's take on that ripped shirt."

Ready for the cover? (It's a hot one.) 

If a story is titled Below the Belt, it's only appropriate to have an almost naked man on the cover, right? Right. As to why his shirt is torn to shreds, we're thinking the shirt was just unable to contain all that hotness and simply gave up. "Clearly covering up this man is a crime. I quit." - Tony's shirt, probably.

What do you think of the cover? Why is poor Tony's shirt torn? For more romance head over to our Everything Romance page. And you can download a copy of Below the Belt, available February 10.