Cover Reveal: Undeniable By Shannon Richard

Shannon Richard’s contemporary romance Undone not only wowed us with its sizzling and emotional plot, but also with its utterly sexy and eye-grabbing cover featuring the book’s couple getting up and close in personal while drenched in rain. With the second book in the series, Undeniable, coming out in October, we couldn’t help but wonder what its cover would look like. Well, readers, we can happily report that our high hopes have been exceeded! But before we show you the cover, let’s take a look at what Undeniable is all about...

Grace King has loved her brother’s best friend Jax Anderson ever since she was six years old, when he rescued her from a group of bullies, swooping in like a knight in well-worn sneakers. Eighteen years later and Grace is still in love with Jax, but neither of them can acknowledge the feelings they have for one another.

When a heated argument at a bar evolves into something ... more, Grace and Jax come face-to-face with their mutual attraction and their make-out session sends the whole town into a frenzy. But as family secrets are revealed, Grace finds herself drenched in rumors and scandal, while Jax struggles to protect her. Will they be able to survive all the buzz or will their new relationship end before it can truly begin?

Okay, are you ready to see the cover? On the count of three.




Don’t you just love it? Look at their playful smiles! Jax and Grace are clearly close (and wanting to get closer). And his casual shirt just screams country in the best way — laid back living in a small town sounds just about right after a busy summer. Really everything about this cover oozes cuteness and romance. While the cover for Undone is sexy and intense, Undeniable is more relaxed, more personal and whimsical, and we think it successfully reflects the story — and the author agrees! Shannon says, “The cover is fun and playful, which I think is an accurate representation of Undeniable ... Grace brings out the best in [Jax] and I think this is shown in the cover with a more than happy and smiling Jax ... She’s all wrapped around him and he’s definitely holding on to her.”

Be sure to pick up your copy of Undeniable when it hits stores on October 1! And for all the latest contemporary romance news, visit our Everything Romance Page!