Cover Trend: Historical Accessories

Historical romance readers know that a lady is never truly dressed without some sparkling jewels, great shoes and other bits and bobs that complete her outfit. Let's face it, it is fun to read about the amazing wardrobes of bygone eras. Today we take a close up look at some beautiful accessories we found on recent historical romance covers. 


Lady Margaret Reading may be busy investigating who killed her unborn baby's father, but that doesn't mean that she can't take the time to look her best. And boy does she stun in this bejeweled rose colored necklace on the cover of Elizabeth Hoyt's newest Maiden Lane book Lord of Darkness.




Liz Carlyle's newest heroine may be A Bride By Moonlight, but it looks like she has starlight in her updo thanks to a sparkling hairpin. However, we know for a fact that heroine Lisette Colburne is not dressing up for a beloved. Instead, she is just keeping up appearances during a fake engagement to her father's nemesis.



Ballrooms can get stuffy, so it is no wonder that Jillian Hunter's heroine from The Mistress Memoirs is carrying a fan. But while it is both functional and pretty, as a governess Kate Walcott doesn't have much use for the accessory. However, this may change when she reconnects with Colin Boscastle.




Sally MacKenzie's heroine is Surprising Lord Jack with her accessory. No, we are not talking about Frances' tiny dog, but her high riding garter belt. However, this book cover is a bit tongue and cheek when you consider Frances first meets Jack when she is dressed as a boy!



It is a brave character that would be caught on the cover with this next fashion choice. But it is not Miss Caroline's gloves we are looking at, it is those lacy cuffs and giant ring that "Magnificent Max" Ransleigh is sporting in Julia Justiss' The Rake To Ruin Her. That is one man confident in his masculinity! 



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