Valentine's Day is nearly here! And while we're perfectly happy with some supermarket flowers and a kiss, the heroines on the covers of some of this month's romances have us thinking more … sparkly thoughts, thanks to all their awesome necklaces. So if you want to email some suggestive links to your sweetie, or do some shopping for yourself, we've found the corresponding real-life necklaces for you to peruse. Happy shopping! (Disclaimer, we aren't affiliated with any of these retailers, so we can't promise they're legit. I.e., if you want to drop $13,000 on that diamond necklace on eBay, buy at your own risk, ok? And then send us a picture.)



Hey this one's on sale! A total bargain. This pearl-and-diamond choker is bridal jewelry, for sure, and we love it. (And in speaking of pearl chokers, we cannot help but mention Diana's famous necklace. We miss you, Diana! If money is no concern for you, you can get the replica above here for a steep $2k.



Ah, that little blue box just screams romance. Demurely. And this is a necklace you could wear every day! The simple gold necklace above from Tiffany & Co. can be found here and will set you back $1,200.




We love a simple heart necklace, so sweet but understated. (And if you want your heart adorned with some profanity (and we know some of you do, no judgements) please visit our new favorite Etsy shop: Metal Taboo). The simple silver heart necklace shown is affordable at $30 here.




All right, unless you have one of those billionaire boyfriends, this necklace might be a little out of your sweetie's price range. But it sure is pretty to look at, no?




Feeling a little goth this Valentine's? Going to a steam punk bash? Then this one's for you.




We love this look! Someone wear this on their Valentine's date and tweet us a pick, will ya? The necklace shown is a steal for only $2.99 here!




And if your Valentine's is taking a spicier turn … you can go with this leather collar for $140.

Are you already clicking the buy button on some of these necklaces? It's tempting, we know. For genre news and coverage, visit our Everything Romance Page.

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