Cover Trend: Weapon Of Choice

Is it just us, or are the heroines of paranormal and urban fantasy fiction getting more and more tough? From facing down demonic enemies to saving the world from vampires, goblins and more, these kick-butt ladies couldn't do what they do without packing some serious heat. Which begs the question: Do you have a favorite weapon of choice for your heroine? Maybe you like a lady who knows how to handle some steel, or perhaps you are into more supernatural skills because, let's face it, controlling fire is cool. Traditionalists will undoubtedly vote for swords, while more eccentric readers probably prefer menacing wolfhounds. However, no matter what your preference, we are delighted to know that these women come equipped with their own arsenals. Check out the following covers for recent and upcoming reads that show heroines handling their weapons of choice and sleep tight tonight knowing that the bad guys don't stand a chance against these ladies. 














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