Cowboy Confesses He Knew About “Secret Twins” All Along


Montana rancher Brant Hubbard, 32, has confessed he knew he was the father of his now-wife Amanda Manning’s twin daughters months before they were born. “I acted surprised when I found out, but, I mean, Petunia Springs has a population of 1,500. My best friend’s dad is the town doctor. And Amanda’s pretty thin, so it was obvious soon enough that she got pregnant right after sleeping with me.”

The couple met in high school, where they dated briefly but broke up over a misunderstanding right before Amanda left for college. “I saw him hanging out under the bleachers with Tiffany LeDuke, and I knew what that meant, so I up and left early for school,” Amanda explained.

Brant, who runs his family’s cattle ranch, has always been hurt by Amanda’s sudden departure. “She left without saying goodbye. Good thing I had Tiffany to keep me company that summer.”  

Amanda, now a successful corporate lawyer, admitted Brant was part of the reason she returned to Petunia Springs last year. “I’ve always wondered ‘what if …’ I wanted to open my own law firm, but, I mean, I could obviously do that anywhere. Not everyone wants to move back to their home town.”

Amanda soon ran into Brant at the only bar in Petunia Springs, The Rusty Horseshoe. They made up over tequila shots and one thing quickly led to another. Before Amanda knew it, she was knocked up with twins.

But once again a misunderstanding put an end to the couple’s romance. “I heard him talking on the phone to Tiffany! Again! I am way too successful to be sloppy seconds, so I got out of there fast.”

Brant clarified: “Tiffany works at the ranch now! She was just calling to tell me one of the cows was going into labor.”

But Amanda wouldn’t listen to reason, and Brant just let her be, until a phone call changed everything. “Amanda’s sister Kristen called me to tell me she was in labor, and that I’d better get my stubborn butt down to the hospital.” Brant grinned. “We were married the next day, in the hospital’s chapel. Each of us holding one of the twins.”

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