Cozy Corner: Several Series Hit The Road Just In Time For Beach-Book Season!

What is it about a really good cozy mystery series that brings readers back book after book? My thought is that it has to be the great amateur sleuths who take on the crimes around them and don’t stop until they get the bad guy. But it can be hard to keep a series fresh several stories into it. So what is an author to do? Send their sleuth on a trip, of course. Just in time for toting your book to the beach, or somewhere air conditioned, here is a guide to a few cozies series that feature amateur detectives solving crime not-so-close to home.



Clutches and Curses by Dorothy Howell
Book 4 in the Haley Randolph Mystery series
Releases May 2011

After being cursed by a customer, L.A. salesgirl (and purse-aholic) Haley Randolph absolutely needs an escape. So she is off to Las Vegas. But when her rival shows up dead, Haley is the prime suspect and must work her stilettos off to find the real killer.



English Tea Murder by Leslie Meier
Book 18 in the Lucy Stone series
Releases June 2011 

Even a dedicated reporter needs a break, and Lucy Stone plans to reward herself by jetting off to England for a (sort of) working tour. But then her fellow travelers start to drop dead. The causes seem to be natural but Lucy doesn't believe in coincidences. Suddenly her vacation is cut short and she's on the case to unmask a sinister killer before she becomes the next target.



Pampered to Death by Laura Levine
Book 10 in the Jaine Austen series
Releases July 2011

To de-stress, Jaine Austen is off to The Haven, a luxurious spa on the California coast. Of course Jaine wouldn't dream of leaving her feline friend behind, which turns out to be a very smart move. Jaine needs all the help she can get when a dead body is discovered in the seaweed wrap room. So much for that R&R, Jaine!



The Vintage Vendetta by Ellen Crosby
Book 5 in the Wine Country series
Releases July 2011

Lucie Montgomery is thrilled to be visiting Washington, D.C. during the cherry blossom season. However, Lucy has little time to admire nature after her friend disappears along with an antique silver wine cooler that just might be worth committing murder for.


These four tales certainly have me in the mood to book a vacation. And if you have any suggestions for other books where a cozy sleuth takes their mystery solving skills on the road, leave me a comment about what titles I should be sure to take a look at!