Crazy For The New E-Novella Crazy On You By Rachel Gibson

Crazy On You” is a story for every woman out there who hasn’t lived life on the straight and narrow. Maybe you’ve spent a little bit too much time in bars, maybe you don’t know the names of everyone you’ve ever kissed or punched (depending on the kind of gal you are), maybe you attended the school of hard knocks and have fought for every single thing you’ve got, and maybe you’ve got a bit — or a whole luggage collection’s worth — of a checkered past. And despite how it may feel when you pick up novel after novel with seemingly perfect heroine, you are not alone.

For every woman who has ever thought that maybe (or even probably) she doesn’t deserve a happy ending, that she isn’t worthy of true love, well, Rachel Gibson has something to tell you, as long as you want it, the possibility of love is there, and heck if you’re lucky it may even be living next door.

Gibson’s new e-novella “Crazy On You” is an ode to second chances. It’s a story about a woman who has decided not to let her past behavior keep her from success. Lily Darlington has a deadbeat ex-husband, a meddling mother who lives next door (I know, that would drive me straight up the wall, too — I guess Lily’s just better than we are) and an adorable ten-year-old son named Pippen. But Lily also has a problem bigger than all of those hurdles. Everyone in Lovett, Texas refers to Lily as “Crazy" Lily Darlington.

And admittedly, she has occasionally done things to deserve the nickname. Even she says that driving a car into the front room of her ex’s house was … not her best plan ever. But she’s straightened up in the last few years, she’s made a good life for herself and now owns a spa outside of town. She’s working on keeping her temper, keeping her head down, and basically being pretty bland for a one-time bad girl.

But when Officer Tucker Matthews moves into Lovett, and next door to the slightly older single mother, he can’t deny that Lily feeds all his fantasies. And when this couple gets together, they make sparks that would make the Fourth of July look tame. But will Tucker be able to convince Lily that he doesn’t care what anyone has to say about them — she’s everything he always wanted?

Well, no spoilers here, but this is most certainly is a story about not letting the labels that other people give you determine your life — and not giving up on your HEA. And if you really want it, well who knows, Mr. Right may even come in the form of a former-soldier-turned-sheriff, with a cute cat named Pinky in tow.

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