Creating The Cover: Chelsea Fine's Perfect Kind Of Trouble

While a great book can make us feel all the feels, a great cover can do the same, especially if it's super romantic, super cute and features a super hot guy. And guess what — Chelsea Fine's cover for Perfect Kind of Trouble is, well, perfect. Today, Chelsea's editor Megha Parekh takes us behind the scenes and shares the inside scoop on creating the cover. Take a look:

Hi everyone!

I’m Chelsea Fine’s editor here at Forever romance, and I thought it would be fun to give all of you a little bit of inside scoop on the creation of a cover — in particular the cover for Chelsea Fine’s Perfect Kind of Trouble, available June 2014.

Creating a book cover is one of my favorite parts about working in publishing! From concepting the designing to attending the photo shoot to selecting the poses, it’s one of the most exciting things I get to work on. Because no one picks out hot guys like I do, I get to select the cover model with the art team! The art director brings over a selection of models for both the hero and heroine and we pick our top choices for casting. Generally what we’re looking for in a cover model is that they look like the characters, and that they can be photographed well from multiple angels so that we can get a lot of shots in. Sometimes we even have casting calls where we check to make sure the models have chemistry together. Check out some fun behind-the-scenes photos from the Perfect Kind of Trouble cover shoot! You’ll have to excuse my awesome cell phone photo taking skills — there’s a reason we hired the photographer.

Wait! We must stop to voluminize the model’s hair.


Creating a fake wall is hard work! I was voting for the guy to photo bomb his way onto the cover. I was vetoed.


On a whim, we decided to bring out a mattress and see what happened ;) Their chemistry ended up being incredible!


Hey, you spend hours doing people’s hair and make-up, you GET to be in on some photo fun!

The models were amazing! The art director, photographer, and I had such a great time making them pose in all sort of fun ways. In the end we had thousands of shots to choose from, but the pictures we took on the mattress turned out the best. The art director, Elizabeth, and I could almost see the sparks flying. We wanted to make sure that the cover was beautiful, but we also wanted it to look like the next book in Chelsea Fine’s Finding Fate series, as Best Kind of Broken, the first book, had already been designed. At first we decided to go with the below cover because we all loved the chemistry between the models. Elizabeth worked her magic in Photoshop and other design programs, a process that truly amazes me. I just stood behind her computer and went, “I’m sorry, how did you just do that?!” Chelsea really loved the way it turned out, and so did we. Chelsea thought it represented perfectly Daren and Kayla, the main characters, and her story. We couldn’t wait to share it with all of Chelsea’s fans.

It was a really beautiful cover! But in the end after multiple discussions with marketing, publicity, the imprint director, and sales representatives (who basically go and sell your books to retailers, such as Barnes & Nobel) — we decided that this cover didn’t have the same evocative and emotional affect that Best Kind of Broken had. So we changed the angle, cropped the image, and added in a little more illumination to get more of the same lighting effect that was on the Best Kind of Broken cover. Once we had the finished product, Chelsea and I just fell in love. With the cover that is. Although I am slightly in love with Chelsea because she is kind of amazing. Ta-dah!

I hope that you all fall in love with Perfect Kind of Trouble just like I did the first time I read it! I’m so lucky to be able to work with incredible authors like Chelsea Fine, and I couldn’t be more proud of the way her book turned out. Perfect Kind of Trouble is available on June 17th! Just so you guys can see what all three of Chelsea’s beautiful covers look like together here they are below!


Available now


Available June 17



Available September 2014


Happy Reading!

- Megha Parekh

You can pick up Perfect Kind of Trouble, available June 17. For more New Adult romance visit our Everything Young Adult page.