From Crude Dragon To A Sizzling Hero - With Giveaway

Author Janet Chapman shares a look at the evolution of a very special hero: William Killkenny. This month William creates sparks with Madeline Kimble in Dragon Warrior. But William first appeared in Chapman's world long before he was ever hero material ...

Every so often a secondary character shows up in one of my stories and catches me by complete surprise with his sheer … loudness. But when two captivating secondary characters appear on the same page—well, that’s why it’s called magic.

I first met William Killkenny as a dragon in the sixth book of my highlander series, and believe it or not, just like my readers, I had no idea what he was doing there. It took that book (Secrets of the Highlander) and the first book in my Midnight Bay spin-off series (Moonlight Warrior), before I fully was able to recognize William’s … oh … let’s call it potential, shall we? I mean, really, the guy goes from being an annoyingly boisterous and rather crude dragon to a boisterous, crude, hairy atavist; how on earth was I supposed to turn him into a hero?

But Madeline Kimble also happens to be living in Midnight Bay at the time, and she actually likes hairy, boisterous men. It’s the crude, atavistic side of William that has her ducking out back doors to avoid him.

I had so much fun writing Dragon Warrior that I actually went through withdrawal when I finally sent the manuscript to my editor. Honestly. I loved William and Maddy so much that I sat on my couch for almost a week, staring out the window in a daze, not knowing what to do with myself now that my two favorite people had found happily ever after. (Hey, it’s a real bummer when an author suddenly loses that mysterious sense of urgency that propels her to get up at 3:00 a.m. and go to her studio to see what kind of trouble her characters have gotten into overnight.)

Anyway … it soon became apparent that I had found the perfect woman for my not-quite-perfect hero, especially when I set them in a nursing home full of endearingly opinionated old people. Then I brought a magical tiger to town, along with a storm of scary demon wolves to shake things up a bit. 

But Dragon Warrior is really about living robustly no matter your age, about what constitutes having a heart, and about the healing power of love.

Oh, and let’s not discount the power of a really good haircut.

Until later, keep reading! 

- Janet Chapman

See how far William has come but, don't be surprised if you fall a little bit in love with him yourself. You can read all about him in Dragon Warrior, and don't miss your chance to win this paranormal romance that releases today!

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BLOG UPDATE 2/10/11: And the winners are ... Sandi in OH, Jolene A. and Pjpuppymom