Dark Days Of Supernatural Debut Author Interview: Veronica Roth And Tara Hudson

During the Dark Days of Supernatural Giveaway readers get a chance to enter to win a bag full of new paranormal YA tales. Today two of the Dark Days of Supernatural debut authors, Veronica Roth and Tara Hudson, give you an inside look at their new tales, Divergent and Hereafter as the authors interview each other.

Veronica Roth Tara Hudson

Veronica Roth: What about going on book tour are you most excited about?

Tara Hudson: I’m probably most excited to meet people at the signing – I can’t wait to talk with folks about Hereafter! I’m also excited to meet the other Dark Days authors in person, and do some of my own fan-girl squealing over your awesome books. I can’t think of a better group of gals with whom to share Hereafter’s release day, during our June 7th signing in Chicago!

VR: Your story features some creepy paranormal elements. What motivated you to write about a ghost? Do you like ghost stories/did you like them as a kid?

TH: I’ve often talked about my eerie family cemetery, and how it inspired many scenes in Hereafter. But my fascination with the paranormal has been lifelong – particularly my interest in ghosts. I had a fairly religious upbringing, and I couldn’t think of anything more lonely, more despondent, than wandering the earth after one’s death. To me, that’s an especially rough afterlife, trapped for eternity with people who can’t see, touch, or talk to you. I disagree with Jean-Paul Sartre: I think heaven is other people!

VR: What books or authors inspire you in your writing?

TH: I really try to write in a style all my own, but I definitely have some favorite authors. Everything Neil Gaiman writes reminds me of my childhood fairytales – even his darker stuff. Then there’s Stephen King, who frightens me the most when he’s telling a story without supernatural elements, a story that reminds us that humans are the scariest beings on earth. And finally, I have the hugest author-crush on Lauren Oliver, whose gorgeous debut Before I Fall struck such a raw nerve with me.

VR: Your book features a unique love story (and a sweet one, if I do say so myself!). What is your favorite aspect of your characters' relationship?

TH: I love how much Amelia and Joshua respect each other. Since Amelia hasn’t talked to or touched another person in a long time, it makes perfect sense that she’d fall head-over-heels for the first guy to smile at her. But she also wants to know Joshua, to understand him better. Only through that process does she start to fall in true love with him. As for Joshua, although he often drags Amelia along on his optimistic missions, he does so because he cares about her. From the start, he believes that she’s special, and not just because she saved his life.

Veronica, I’m really looking forward to traveling with you on the Dark Days of the Supernatural tour this summer. What are you looking forward to most about the tour?

VR: It's hard to say. I think it's a tie between getting to hang out with a bunch of other authors for a few days (and picking their brains-- get ready, Tara!), and meeting readers in person. Every time I'm around a bunch of book nerds, I think to myself, "these are my people. Let's talk about BOOKS."

TH: In your debut novel, Divergent, Tris faces some pretty tough physical challenges. When you were Tris’s age, were you an athlete, a bookworm, or both?

VR: When you're six feet tall in high school, it's a little difficult to avoid sports. I played volleyball for a couple years in my early adolescence, but when I got to the point at which I would have had to dedicate myself to it to get ready for college, I cut and run-- and joined the debate team. So I'd have to say that I was a bookworm at heart, and I still am, though I enjoy the occasional run when I need to brainstorm book ideas.

TH: I always have several different endings in mind when I start a story. Did Divergent end how you originally intended it to? 

VR: I try not to think about how my stories end when I start writing them, so I don't think I really had a plan for the ending! By the time I got to it, though, I had set up one ending in particular, and in my head, there weren't many alternatives. I tweaked some of the writing and took out a side character who wasn't contributing much, but apart from that, the ending is the same now as when I first wrote it. 

TH: The cover for Divergent is pretty amazing. What’s your favorite thing about it, and why?

VR: The cover IS amazing, which just shows you how brilliant the people who designed it--Barb Fitzsimmons, Amy Ryan, and Joel Tippie--are. It's tough to choose what I like best, but I would have to say it's the Dauntless symbol. Putting the symbol on the cover is one thing, but the idea for it to be comprised of the flames that it depicts was a brilliant one. It's far more interesting that way. Also, it vaguely resembles the Eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings fans, awake!), which takes me right back to my not-so-distant youth.

You can check out Veronica Roth’s Divergent  in stores now and be sure to mark your calendars, Tara Hudson’s Hereafter hits shelves on June 7. And of course, you can enter to win both of these two books and five others in this week’s Dark Days of Supernatural giveaway!

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