Darynda Jones On Provoking The Devil, And Other Mistakes

Charley Davidson, the heroine of Darynda Jones' humorous paranormal romance series knows a thing or two about getting in trouble. After all, as a grim reaper/private eye, she has the occasional run-in with Satan himself. So how does Charley deal with the lord of the underworld, and more importantly, get out of these sticky situations? Today the author joins us to share some of Charley's most memorable moments, and the lessons she's learned.

As the caffeine addicted grim reaper, a gig that comes with a modicum of supernatural abilities, Charley Davidson tends to take what others might consider an abundance of unnecessary risks. For example, taunting the son of Satan when he’s angry might not be the healthiest outlet for one’s sarcastic nature. And yet, that is exactly what Charley would do when faced with the alternative: Let angry dogs sulk. Alone. And unprovoked. But provoking seems to be one of Charley’s favorite pastimes.

Here are a few other examples of Charley biting off more than she can chew.

  • She once challenged her high school chess team to an arm wrestling match. There were twelve members. She lost eleven bouts and won the twelfth through default. Anthony Frost was home sick with pneumonia. Or possibly Ebola. Either way she lost the tournament. LESSON: Guys, no matter how lanky, are generally strong. And even if you lose a bet, streaking through the city park is illegal.
  • She once convinced her stepmother to let her keep the classroom hamster over summer break. Sadly even clueless stepmothers can tell the difference between a hamster and a two-pound rat. LESSON: Screaming, broom-wielding stepmothers and two-pound rats do not get along.
  • She once caught her Uncle Bob in backseat of his classic ’57 Chevy with a bottle of Merlot and Sarah Maryville’s mother. Instead of leaving them alone, Charley decided to interrupt their romantic evening by setting off bottle rockets aimed at his car. LESSON: Classic ‘57 Chevys are flammable.
  • She once accompanied her best friend-slash-assistant, Cookie Kowalski, to the dentist with the intention of capturing the moment for future amusement. LESSON: Filming your best friend high on laughing gas is only funny until you trip on the instrument stand and accidently stab the assistant in the neck with a dental pick.

As you’ve probably guessed, writing about Charley and her antics are a dream come true. She keeps a writer on her toes, that’s for sure. And writing about her relationship with the surly son of Satan is the icing on the proverbial cake. Especially when he focuses his dark gaze directly on her, when he runs his fingertips up her arm, over her shoulder, and around the back of her neck, pulling her forward until his mouth has access to the sensitive skin on her neck. It takes concentration to write these scenes. And wine. Lots of wine.

Candlelight helps too. 

- Darynda Jones

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