A Date With Mr. Romance 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope everyone will enjoy the day - or at the very least some delicious chocolate. If you are one of the many people who are tired of doing the same old thing on your dates, we've got help for you. For a suggestion of how to celebrate this special day, we went to one of the most romantic guys we know, RT's Mr. Romance 2010, Jamie Ungaro. This Midwestern guy reveals his idea of a great date:

"My perfect date would be going out to a nice restaurant and having a good meal with my wife, go to the local park and walk around. Then go do a little bit of shopping so she's happy, LOL and go home and watch a movie together."

Doesn't that sound divine? It's a date that's low-key and full of romance, just like Mr. Romance 2010 himself. We can't wait to see Jamie again at this year's RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION in Los Angeles. Jamie will be on hand to pass the title on to this year's Mr. Romance on Saturday, April 9th.