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Dawn And Janine Dish: Wolf Hills By Bianca D'Arc

We continue our month of Dishing about e-books with RT reviewers Dawn and Janine's discussion of Bianca D’Arc’s latest digital tale, Wolf Hills. Rated an RT Top Pick! erotic romance, the author’s new story is a thrilling addition to her sexy, paranormal Brotherhood of Blood series. But unlike previous entries that focused on vampires, the hero of Wolf Hills is a powerful Alpha werewolf named Jason Moore who recognizes his mate is detective Sally Decker — but he’ll have a hard time convincing her that he’s more than vacation fling material!

Dawn: I absolutely, positively love a strong heroine and Sally Decker more than meets my requirements. She’s a police detective from San Francisco and she will make you want to be a more kick-butt woman.

Janine: So true, Sally certainly inspires me. She doesn’t flinch in the face of criminals, knows how to fight when necessary and is not shy about pulling her weapon (with the intent to fire it) if the situation calls for it.

Dawn: But even Sally is a bit out of her element when she goes on vacation to Wyoming to visit her college friend, Carly, and discovers that the things that go bump in the night actually exist.

Janine: Carly is newly wed to master vampire Dmitri (and also newly undead herself) and she is struggling how to reveal to Sally that she is at the center of some pretty intense paranormal activity.

Dawn: But despite Carly’s worries, she and Dmitri are pretty sure that Sally can handle herself in the world of vampires, werewolves and more.

“From everything I see about Sally in your memories, my love...” Dmitri told her mind to mind, “I think she’ll be more than able to hold her own.”

“I almost pity the wolves,” Carly agreed with a rueful grin.

Janine: Carly may pity the werewolves, but I certainly don’t. They put super in superhuman and extra in extraordinary.

Dawn: Not to mention extra, extra good looks.

Janine: Absolutely! Sally captures these shifters' essence perfectly when, after her first look at the pack, she imagines that they are all "related to some line of supermodels married to sports stars.”

Dawn: Honestly, it sounds like a pretty fur-tastic situation and it makes me kind of jealous of Sally. Especially when we meet the sexy Alpha Jason Moore.

Janine: And yet when they meet, Sally — talk about a heroine with a strong constitution —doesn’t even give an inch when this dominant shifter gets up in her face. Jason says, “You’re Sally." To which she responds, “And you are?”

Dawn: This is such a great moment because it illustrates both of their characters (and their chemistry) perfectly. Jason is so used to everyone doing exactly what he says that the confident Sally is a welcome change of pace. A big part of what makes this pairing work is that Sally challenges the big, bad Alpha because she doesn’t know (or follow) the rules of shifter etiquette.

Janine: And despite the fact that Sally is in new territory, she knows what she wants and that’s Jason. When it’s clear that the interest is mutual, they get intimate pretty quickly  —

Dawn: And add elements that will have readers seriously hot and bothered.

Janine: Like the couple's tryst in the woods with Jason’s werecougar friend watching the action, or when they steal some “adult time” in Jason’s office in the pack house and they almost get walked in on!

Dawn: The sex scenes in this book are incredibly hot. There’s no question that this is an erotic romance.

Janine:  But D’Arc does a great job of keeping the sensual moments filled with emotion, which adds a whole extra layer to this a compelling read.

Dawn: Jason is certainly a terrific hero, and not just because he’s a sexy, Alpha werewolf. The shifter offers Sally a gateway into a world that she never realized that she was part of. But because Jason is so trustworthy, he convinces the normally cynical Sally to accept both her own supernatural abilities as well as those of others. He tells her:

“... you could choose to fully embrace the small part of you that has always been different. Like your friends, you could become part of the bigger world — the world where shifters and bloodletters and even magic users share the Earth with regular folk.”

Janine: Jason senses that Sally has werewolf somewhere in her ancestry, and when Sally reveals that according to her grandmother she is a “child of the woods,” their relationship really moves in an interesting direction.

Dawn: Sally’s supernatural abilities definitely add another element to the read. Her powers to manipulate greenery and communicate with nature prove to be especially useful when she and Jason hunt for a missing shifter child that’s been kidnapped by hunters determined to eradicate werewolves.

Janine: It’s at this point in the story when we get to see Sally really considering what a future with Jason could be like, both as she uses her magic and as she proves to the rest of the pack that she is much more than just their Alpha’s human love interest.

Dawn: Honestly, it illustrates that Sally is a strong woman worthy of being an Alpha herself!

Janine: Sally’s kick-butt attitude paired with the perfect balance of paranormal, suspense, and heat makes Wolf Hills a must-read for those who love erotic romance and paranormal reads.

Dawn: And don’t forget that delicious hero...

Janine: Oh, trust me, I haven’t. In my opinion, he’s pretty swoon worthy all on his own and paired with Sally, well, this is a couple you won’t soon forget!

Want to learn more about Jason, Sally and their pack? Be sure to pick up your own copy of Wolf Hills and while you’re downloading e-books you can also get a copy of next week’s Dish the historical romance The White Swan Affair by Elyse Mady.