Debra Webb Stops By The RT BOOK REVIEWS Office

One of the best parts about working at RT is when authors come visit us. (One day we’ll tell you about when Sabrina Jeffries demonstrated cover model poses … on our floor.) So we were thrilled last week when romantic suspense superstar Debra Webb stopped by RT headquarters to fill us in on what's happening in her life.

And boy did she have a lot of news! Webb’s one of the latest to get in on the self-publishing craze, to great success. In fact, Webb's husband had just called to inform her that Obsession, the first in her Faces of Evil self-published series, had hit No. 10 on Amazon's bestselling Romantic Suspense list. 

It was great news for Webb, who began writing the series after an injury at the RWA national conference in Orlando in 2010. But what most appeals to the author was how self-publishing gives her direct access to her readers.

“When people read a series they get aggravated by how long it takes for the books to come out,” Webb says. “If you’re writing a single-title series, a publisher can only release two or three titles a year.” And the prolific Webb — who’s still writing five Harlequin Intrigues a year, so don’t worry, Colby fans — is keeping to a rapid publication schedule for her Faces of Evil series.

Book two, Impulse, was just released and book three should be with readers by February. And for some fans, that’s still not fast enough! “I get e-mails saying ‘I’ve been to Amazon four times, where’s the next book?’ ” Webb laughs. Of course, the author’s partly to blame for whetting her fans’ appetites, as she says, “The suspense keeps building and building and building,” from book to book, as Webb tests the mettle of her protagonist, disgraced Special Agent Jess Harris, who’s returned to her home town of Birmingham, Ala., to help her old flame, Police Chief Dan Burnett, catch a killer. 

“Each book will focus on a villain who’s a little more heinous,” Webb tells us. “I like writing the kinds of villains you don’t see coming, the kind of terror that can happen to anyone.” 

And if you need any more incentive to take a peek, Webb’s running a holiday special right now where readers can purchase Obsession for Kindle on Amazon for just 99 cents!