Debut Author Spotlight: Cara Connelly

Woo! Woo! Debut author alert! (We totally need to get a siren.) Cara Connelly’s RT Top Pick! rated debut, The Wedding Favor, has been getting tons of buzz. It’s the story of grieving widow Ty, who still hasn’t forgiven heartless defense attorney, Victoria, for her actions during the trial. Too bad they’re stuck attending the same wedding! RT reviewer Bridget called it “delcious.” We can’t resist a good contemporary romance, so we had to know more. Cara graciously answered our nosey questions.

Name: Cara Connelly

Current Home: Upstate New York

Author Icon: Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Diana Gabaldon

Favorite Word: mayhem

Was this the first book you ever wrote?

No, it was the third. The first book I wrote was a western historical romance — 300,000 words! — which is currently resting under the bed. But I’ll go back to it someday!

How did you start writing?

I’d always planned to write someday, and reading the Outlander books about eight years ago finally pulled the trigger. I’m not sure why, except perhaps that I loved those books so much that when I was finished I went into mourning. I wanted more! So I started writing my western historical to fill the void until I could find another epic series of books to get excited about. Now I still love to read, but I enjoy writing even more!

What was it like when you got “The Call”?

Like Christmas, my birthday and the first day of summer vacation all rolled into one!

Did you know that The Wedding Favor was the book that would get you published?

With The Wedding Favor, I felt like story, character and craft all came together — finally! I knew the odds were still stacked against getting published, but honestly I would’ve been crushed if The Wedding Favor hadn’t sold, because I wanted Ty and Vicky to get out in the world and spread love and laughter — and mayhem!

What’s your favorite paragraph in The Wedding Favor?

Oh boy, this is tough! I don’t have a single favorite, but I like this one a lot:

“His words were dynamite, blowing apart every inhibition. She shook like a leaf. Nothing, no one, had ever made her feel like this, like she owned her body, every sinew, every cell and could make demands with it. Demands that wouldn’t be denied.”

The Wedding Favor is an interesting mix of serious subject matter and zany predicaments. How did you balance these two opposites?

This is a great question! The answer is … I didn’t. Ty and Vicky did it all on their own. They came to life for me, smart and funny and full of heartaches and regrets and hopes and hilarity. They wanted to hate each other but they couldn’t, and their conflicted emotions propelled them from laughter to tears as they drove each other nuts and helped each other heal. Honestly, they did all the work. I just typed.

Ready to attending this wedding? The Wedding Favor is available now, online and in stores. And for more contemporary love stories, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page.