Debut Author Spotlight: Dana Lorraine

There are few things we haven't seen in a book here at the RT offices. Gods with more than one, erm, piece of equipment? Yep. Shifters of all shapes and types? You bet. Vampire viking angels? Oh yea. So when we heard that Dana Lorraine's debut, Dying to Love Her, featured vampire gym-owning heroes who provide horizontal workouts, we had to know more about both the story and the author, because this was something we'd never heard of before!

Name: Dana Lorraine

Debut Book: Dying to Love Her

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Ménage

Current Home: Sunny South Florida

Favorite word: Just. It’s not clever or pretty sounding but judging from the sheer number of times I have to remove it from my manuscripts, it must be my favorite.

How did you start writing? Like many authors, I stumbled upon my passion for writing through reading. The first year I attended the Romantic Times Convention I found myself gravitating to workshops for writers. I came home, started to write and realized that I got the same rush of excitement creating a story as I did from reading a great book. I was hooked.

Was this the first book you ever wrote? Wow, that would have been nice but no, it wasn’t my first. I have a few unfinished stories waiting for me to breathe new life into them. There are also two cringe-worthy novellas buried deep inside my computer. May they forever rest in peace.

What was it like when you got "The Call"? Amazing … more so because originally the story had been rejected. After being given the opportunity to revise and resubmit I knew my chances were good but I steeled myself against a rejection when I opened the email. I read it three, maybe four times afraid that I had somehow misinterpreted what congratulations meant.

We've never been especially inspired to visit the gym regularly, but the gym in your story certainly sounds tempting! Why did you choose this setting? Wishful thinking — LOL! No really, I like the creative and sexy possibilities that writing paranormal offers an erotic author. There are no boundaries. But as a reader I better connect with a story that I can believe might actually happen. A vampire-run fitness center that provides orgasmic workouts seemed the perfect marriage of fantasy and reality to me. You’d buy a lifetime membership, right?

What's your favorite paragraph in Dying to Love Her?

"Alec groaned low and gritty, fighting his urge to nip and suck because she tasted as good as she smelled — like returning home after a long journey, like comfort. Screw it. Rook had been right. She smelled like forever and that was what he wanted with her."

Luckily, Dying to Love her is on sale online now for those curious to learn more. And for more steamy love stories, visit our Everything Erotica page!