Debut Author Spotlight: M.D. Waters

Debut author alert! (We seriously need to invest in a siren.) We’ve been hearing lots of buzz about M.D. Waters’s debut, Archetype, and so we were thrilled when the futuristic fantasy received an RT Top Pick! rating from our reviewer extraordinaire, Jill M. Smith. Archetype is the first half of a duology starring Emma, who awakens in a hospital room, unable to remember anything. Living in a world with plummeting fertility rates, women are treated as commodities. She’s had a terrible accident, according to her husband Declan. Only Emma keeps having unsettling memories, memories that include resistance fighting — and another man. We welcome M.D. to the fold by asking a whole bunch of nosey questions. And she obliged us by answering!


Name: M.D. Waters

Book: Archetype

Genre: Science-Fiction / Futuristic Suspense

Current Home: Mechanicsville, MD

Favorite Word: Scripturient! Although, my friends would say that it’s, hands down, the F-word.

Was this the first book you ever wrote? No, I have eight other craptastic novels in my trunk. One day I’ll fix them.

How did you start writing? I got a small itch my senior year in high school and after graduation had a very small idea that I spent roughly five years playing with off and on. Not very seriously, though, because I had no clue what I was doing and only had a word processor to work on—I don’t recommend these, by the way. My husband bought me my first computer in 2001, and that’s when I finally wrote the story start to finish. I think it was 25K words, but boy was I proud!

What was it like when you got "The Call"?  Oh man. I had to sit down. I was in a weird daze for days after that. I don’t have a clue how anything got done around her, and I frequently forgot to eat.  

What's your favorite paragraph in Archetype?

"His grip is too firm. He holds on to me, but I am merely water sliding over stone and no matter how hard he tries to keep me, I will soon be gone. At least I feel this fleeting. Like glass blown to its thinnest point. Beautiful and shining and solid. Delicate. Shatterable."

Archetype is the first in a duology. Why did you decide to break the story into two books?

I wish I could say I had a master plan, but the truth is, I didn’t. I gave Archetype a clear ending because I’d heard this is better when querying agents. But once I signed with Jennifer Weltz, she asked that I remove the epilogue giving Emma a HEA, because she didn’t think the story was over yet. And I’m glad she thought that, because I couldn’t have agreed more. So I made the epilogue a quick, shocking cliffhanger, which is more my style—I love shocking cliffhangers! I didn’t actually plot Prototype until we were getting ready to sell ARCHETYPE, and even then it was just a basic set of plot points.

Archetype has a unique and complicated world. What was your favorite part of creating this world?

My favorite part was stripping Emma of her freedom, but giving her the overall impression that she had options. When we’re happy, we don’t see everything that’s really wrong, and she was happy, in love and planning a future with her husband. The moment she finally realizes how trapped she is was great for me.

What part of your Archetype world do you wish we had here, today?

Teleporters. Without question.

Archetype is available next week, in stores and online. For more futuristic tales, visit our Everything Paranormal page.