Debut Author Spotlight: Vivienne Lorret

We know, your TBR pile is huge. But we also know you’d be peeved if we let you miss out on a great new author, right? Today for you we’ve got Vivienne Lorret, who published a novella this December with “Tempting Mr. Weatherstone” in Five Golden Rings: A Christmas Collection. And now she’s got back-to-back releases coming out in her Wallflower Wedding series, starting with this week’s Daring Miss Danvers. And we got her to answer all of our nosey questions.

The cover of Daring Miss Danvers with 'Debut Novel' underneath

Name: Vivienne Lorret

Book: Daring Miss Danvers

Genre: Regency Historical Romance

Series: The Wallflower Wedding Series

Author Icon: Wow, this is a tough question. I admire so many talented authors. However, Jude Devereaux holds a special place in my heart. A Knight in Shining Armor is one of my all-time favorite books. I remember blubbering all through the ending, and then I immediately started over and read it again.

Favorite Word: Onomatopoeia

Was this the first full-length novel you ever wrote? No. My first full-length was called Hopebellow. A rather ironic title, considering it rests—beneath a hefty stack of unpublished manuscripts— inside a warped desk drawer that bellows each time I try to open it. 

How did you start writing? I’ve been blessed with so many amazing teachers in my life. When I was eleven, Mrs. Hartman encouraged me to start writing in order to deal with a painful experience. In many ways, she saved my life. I will be grateful to her forever, and to all the inspiring teachers who followed her.

What was it like when you got "The Call"? I was a complete wreck! I wasn’t at all sure what my editor, Chelsey, was going to say about my submission and book proposal. I mean, she could have called to let me down easy (sadly, it had happened before). My stomach was in knots. My ears were ringing. And then…she changed my life.

Chelsey said she liked the concept, the titles, and that both she and Avon Impulse wanted to go ahead with all three books! I don’t know if I said anything. Had I heard her correctly? I waited a beat. She wanted the books? Slowly, it started to seep in. Then, she asked if that was “agreeable” to me. I think my brain fainted.

It’s funny to look back now, but at the time, I’m sure Chelsey thought I’d lost my mind.

Tell us about your rapid-fire series debut and publication schedule. How did this all come to be? Do you plan to sleep at all this summer? I’m so excited about these books! The Wallflower Wedding Series all started with the story I wrote for Five Golden Rings: A Christmas Collection, “Tempting Mr. Weatherstone.”

After missing the mark with other submissions to my editor, Chelsey mentioned how much she’d enjoyed the anthology story and asked if I might consider writing a series based around those characters.

And that’s how it happened. Serendipity, kind-hearted editors, and large mugs of tea make life absolutely wonderful.

As for sleeping at all this summer? Well, if not sleeping means I’m working on deadlines for new books, then I don’t need sleep.

What's your favorite paragraph in Daring Miss Danvers

Favorite paragraph? As in, only one? Hmm, I suppose it would be in chapter four when Rathburn proposes a mock-betrothal in order to gain his inheritance. Much to Emma’s astonishment and frustration, her unconventional parents love the idea.

“I can’t believe we’re even discussing this,” she said in disbelief, staring outside. A row of daffodils lined the narrow path between the house and the garden wall. New glossy shoots of ivy climbed up the rust colored brick. The world outside was bright and blooming, not a cloud in the sky. It seemed unfair, really. Her mood all but demanded a rumble of thunder and dark, threatening clouds. “You realize, don’t you, that you’re ruining my chance for a normal, happy marriage?”

Daring Miss Danvers is available digitally this week and in paperback May 20. Let us know what you think! And for more charming love stories, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page.