Delilah Devlin Takes Readers Behind The Scenes Of Girls Who Bite


Erotica author Delilah Devlin is known for her sizzling paranormal tales. The new erotic anthology, Girls Who Bite, which Devlin edited, is no exception. Today, RT reviewer Dawn Crowne chats with the author about the inspiration for the collection, lesbian erotic romance and what readers can expect to see next from this hot talent.


Girls Who Bite is a collection of lesbian vampire erotica. What made you decide to make this the theme of the anthology?

The song by Powerman 5000 — "V is for Vampire" — got me to thinking. I thought what an awesome title for a book it would make. However, I tend to doodle when I brainstorm, so I scribbled down ideas, trying to think of ways to twist up that title and do something a little more. V is for Vampire. V is for vagi— well, my mind does tend to go straight to the gutter. But the idea stuck for a collection of lesbian vampire books. Thankfully, Cleis [the publisher] didn't like my original title and made me go back to the drawing board after they accepted the proposal. Girls Who Bite has a much better ring to it.

The collection contains a wide variety of situations, however, I found the ones I liked best were based around an interesting culture or myth. For example, Anna Meadow's "La Caida" really delves deeply into popular Mexican myth while "Beloved" by Shayla Kersten takes its cue from ancient Egypt. What did you find compelling about these stories about different cultures that made you want to include them in the collection?

Those stories were exactly what I was hoping for. When I sent out the call for submissions, I suggested that authors search other mythologies and think outside the box when dreaming up their stories. So much has been done with the vampire world Bram Stoker and Hollywood dreamed up that I wanted something fresh. Something no one had read before. Thankfully, every one of the stories I accepted provided that. Except mine. I played with Bram Stoker's book, something I hoped would be fun for the reader who knew the traditions.

These stories have very diverse settings. Some are set in historical times, while others take place in the present and even one story happens in the future. Why was it important for you to include a range of time periods in Girls Who Bite?

I really didn't care about the time periods. They could all have been contemporary and I would have been satisfied, but the themes, the mythologies they were based on, needed to be fresh. I asked to be surprised and the authors delivered.

Can you give us some examples of a few of the entries that you would have liked to include in the collection, but because of space constraints could not?

There were several stories, which were very well-written and surprising, but they lacked a romantic ending to the story. One in particular was very dark and gruesome about a pair of women who go clubbing at a place that felt like the night club in the movie Blade. Victims played on stages, like scenes in BDSM dungeon, but were murdered, their blood splattering the creatures watching them. I loved it, but it didn't fit the romantic theme of the book. Now, if I were to compile a straight erotic horror anthology, I'd be knocking on that author's door.

In your opinion, what makes lesbian erotica different from heterosexual erotica (other than the "parts", of course — grin)? 

I know men very well (twenty-plus years in the military!), and when I write them, I understand the differences in the way they think from most women. It actually makes building conflict between hetero lovers easier because there are some built-in differences in the way men and women approach love and problems. When I work with lesbian characters, the differences that cause the internal conflicts can be more subtle.  

Some people might not be familiar with lesbian erotica. What would you say to these readers that might be on the fence about trying out this sub-genre?

I would say that as entertainment, Girls Who Bite has more to offer a reader than just the lesbian love aspect of the stories. You will be entranced, aroused, and surprised by the stories and the voices of each unique writer.

Do you have any other anthologies that you are working on that you can tell our readers about?

I just received acceptance for She-Shifters: Lesbian Paranormal Erotica, which is due out in Fall of 2012. And I just turned in a collection of hetero stories as well for Cowboy Lust.

Want to find out more about Girls Who Bite? You can pick up your own copy of the anthology which is in stores and online now. And for more genre coverage be sure to check out our Everything Erotica Page!