Destination: Erotic! Take An Adult Vacation With These Steamy Reads

Many of us know what happens behind bedroom doors, but what happens when our favorite fictional characters want to take their adult action elsewhere? If you’re looking for great erotic reads featuring sexy locales designed especially for an “adult vacation,” we’ve gathered some of our favorite titles. From burlesque clubs to sex resorts and beyond, these sexy settings will have you wanting to plan a special trip of your own!



Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey

Destination: Butterfly

What You’ll Find: Kathryn Harvey’s classic erotic tale of love and deceit takes readers inside the upscale Butterfly club, a chic modern day brothel hidden above a men’s clothing store in Beverly Hills. Butterfly introduces readers to the club’s frequent patrons, who are among the city’s elite. The club promises patron’s complete secrecy and anonymity, so don’t be surprised if you spot a high-profile surgeon or lawyer. The club’s real secret, however, is Butterfly founder and owner Rachel Dwyer, who has reinvented herself in order to hide a deep, dark secret from her past. 



Blue Angel by Logan Belle

Destination: The Blue Angel

What You’ll Find: If you’re looking for a classy joint filled with sensual dancing and top-notch entertainment, head over to The Blue Angel, the burlesque club featured in Logan Belle’s Blue Angel. Bette Noir, one of the club’s illustrious dancers, might even pull you up on stage, which is exactly what happened to patron-turned-dancer Mallory. After stopping by the club with her boyfriend, Mallory joins Bette on stage and proves that she’s not the shy, timid woman everyone thinks she is. And when Mallory loses her job and becomes a dancer at The Blue Angel, Bette takes the novice under her wing and schools her in the art of seductive dance.


In the Company of Witches by Joey W. Hill

Destination: Sweet Dreams

What You’ll Find: In Joey W. Hill’s In the Company of Witches, witch Riana has converted an old Southern plantation into the area’s hottest bordello. Filled with all sorts of paranormal fun, visitors might notice a number of unusual creatures roaming about. This is because Riana is a protector of a breed of demons that feed off of sexual energy. Luckily for patrons, the demons can get their fill without harming anyone, so there’s no need to be alarmed. That is, until incubus Isaac shows up and brings trouble with him — and it’s going to take the irresistible Dark Guardian Mikhael to help Riana get her business back in order.


Desire After Dark by Jo Carlisle

Destination: La Petite Mort

What You’ll Find: If an erotic getaway filled with otherwordly creatures sounds like your idea of a dream come true, you’ll want to pack your bags and head to La Petite Mort, the exotic sex resort featured in Jo Carlisle’s Lord of Pleasure series. Ran by vampire brothers Aldric, Soren and Luc Fontaine, La Petite Mort is housed in a decadent New Orleans estate and gives humans a chance to mix and mingle with paranormal beings. In Carlisle’s latest release, Desire After Dark, Luc is pulled away from the family business by valkyrie Kassandra after she saves his life. Realizing Luc is her life-long mate, the two are determined to be together. But the fate of the gods says otherwise …


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