Destiny, Fate And Promise Walk Into A Bar To Discuss Leigh Evans' Heroine - Read What Happens!

If you wanna talk about being out of place, Leigh Evans' latest Urban Fantasy heroine, Peacock, might know a thing or two about what that feels like. Half-Were, half-fae, Hedi Peacock has found herself the new pack leader of a group unsure of her abilities — all because of a guy, of course! Today the author shares a scene readers won't find in her latest release, The Thing About Weres, where Fate, Destiny and Promise come together to discuss Hedi and her future.

Destiny, a war-hardened brunette, eased herself into the chair facing the door. “I’ll have a Johnny Walker Black, no ice,” she told the waitress.

“I’d like a chocolate martini,” Promise murmured.

“Water,” said Fate, the red-head. “I’m driving.” Her glance—ever restless—landed on a cocky dude leaning against the wall. For a speculative moment her eyes narrowed on him, then she threw a file down on the table. “You’ve both read it?”

“I only got a few pages in,” said Destiny. “Hedi Peacock’s got a whole lot of the half-breed angst going on.” Her brow furrowed. “Remind me. What’s her heritage again?”

Fate smiled. “Half Fae. Half Were.”

“Some of our most successful cases have mixed blood,” said Promise, with an unexpected severity for woman whose outer shell near defined blonde cheerleader.

“You know why?” asked Destiny. “Because they figure out how to make their anger work for them. Take Attila the Hun. Do you know that he—“

“I don’t want to hear about him anymore,” interrupted Promise.

“Fine,” snapped Destiny. “Let’s just keep it to the facts then. Hedi Peacock’s no Attila. She’s a light-fingered thief with no visible hero attributes. Give that girl a samurai sword and she’d use it to cut sushi.” The brunette smoothed her eyebrow so that it lay flat over the scar that bisected its arch. “She’s not a contender.”

“She has potential.” Promise reached for the file, opening it to page three. “Recently, she fell in love in a big way, then did something that near broke my heart. It took courage and emotional strength to do what she did. She’s maturing.”

“You reduce everything to a coming of age story,” muttered Destiny.

“Let’s not let this dissolve into another cat fight, ladies,” said Fate.

“Easy for you to say,” she snapped. “You don’t have to go toe to toe with Pollyanna over every case.”

Fate’s smile would have made a shark shudder. “I’ve done my job. You wanted a catalyst, you got one. I brought Robson Trowbridge back into Hedi’s life. Now, it’s up to them. They either make it through together or they don’t.”

“Don’t even mention the name Trowbridge around me,” snapped Destiny. “He had it all. Looks, charm, connections. Everything was set in place for him to take over as the Alpha of Creemore. Then he hit one road bump—they both hit one little road bump—“

“They both lost their families in a horrific manner on the same night,” said Promise, a tad tightly. “I wouldn’t dismiss that as a minor event. It shaped them.”

Fate’s gaze returned to the bored dude holding the wall up. “We need to wrap this up.”

“Hmmph.” Promise’s sweet lips turned into a thin, flat line. She stared at the most recent picture of the couple, trying to see beyond his beauty and Hedi’s youth. “At her core, she’s brave,” she said, instinct stirring. “And he’s going to be the type of mate every woman dreams of.”

One thing about Promise, once her decision was made, she didn’t dither. Her rubber stamp was in her purse and then it was not. With one flick of her delicate wrist, she left her mark on the Peacock-Trowbridge file cover. 

The ink was pink and it read “APPROVED by Promise.”

Destiny’s jaw hardened. “One day I’m going burn that thing.”

“But that day is not this day.”  Promise snapped her purse closed.

Fate held up her hand. “We’ll throw another test scenario their way. See how it shakes down. Then we’ll reconvene. “She stood, slanting a follow-me smile at the cool dude. “Toodles, girls. Work calls.”

Want to know what is next for Hedi and her hero? You can pick up a copy of The Thing About Weres, available now! And for more supernatural adventure, visit our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page!