Dutton To Re-Launch Pulp Noir Offshoot, Guilt-Edge Mysteries, As A Digital Line

Good news mystery readers, Penguin’s Dutton imprint is re-launching their pulp noir offshoot Guilt Edged Mysteries as a digital line. Over fifty years after the GEM line was retired, the books will be coming back with Ben Seiver, Dutton’s editor-in-chief, responsible for the line’s e-publishing venture.

Readers can expect to see familiar titles in the list of Guilt Edged Mysteries’ new books; the imprint will be breathing e-life into several beloved classics. The imprint’s original stable of authors included Mickey Spillane, Fredric Brown, Glyn Carr and Sam S. Taylor. But don’t expect to see only old favorites from this revitalized line. Readers will be treated to e-originals as well. GEM will be releasing both e-shorts and full-length digital reads. These will include “Murder in Mumbai” a debut novella from NPR news editor Krishnadev Calamur and a new installment in John Lescroart’s Dismas Hardy series.

Sevier forecasted what’s ahead for the line saying, “The new imprint is built to find fresh voices in crime fiction and publish them using distinctly 21st-century techniques.”

Authors also will want to take note, as the line is now accepting books submitted by agents. You can learn more about how to go about submitting your work here. Sevier and his team will also be working with Book Country, the Penguin online writers’ community initiative to find fresh voices that add to the hard-boiled noir tradition of great detective fiction.