E-Sale: These Billionaires Are Ready For Action

Question: When are billionaires cheap?

Answer: When Harlequin has a sale!

To celebrate the popularity of wealthy heroes, Harlequin Books has just re-released several of its bad boy billionaire stories digitally. Between now and February, readers can get reacquainted with several sexy men who sweep innocent misses off their feet. With new cover art and a price tag of just $3 each, we are excited to get our hands on these delicious stories featuring foreign men with pocketbooks for miles. 


The title says it all here, folks. We’ve got one Spanish billionaire, the royal Leandro Carrera Marquez, Duque de Sandoval, and his mistress-in-the-making, waitress Molly Chapman. But when she turns down Leandro’s oh-so-generous offer of protection, they go their separate ways, That is, until Molly realizes she is pregnant... To find out what happens to Molly and Leandro, pick up The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife by Lynne Graham now. 

Purchase for $2.99 from Amazon or Barnes & Noble


A secretary’s job is to anticipate their boss’ every need. But Angie Patterson goes above and beyond the call of duty in The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress by Sharon Kendrick. Angie has loved her wealthy employer Riccardo Castellari for years, so she is excited to start an affair. But after years of meaningless flings with a string of women, will Riccardo finally see that the one he wants to spend forever with is standing just outside his office door?

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A whirlwind courtship that led to marriage is no way for Dominick Masters and Kenzie Miller to start married life, so they are headed to divorce court. But a surprise announcement has the couple thinking that they should try to work things out in Carole Mortimer's The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain

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In The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress by Lucy Monroe, Alexandra Dupree works as a world famous model going by the name “Xandra Fortune”. Alex knows her career will have to go on hiatus when she accidentally gets pregnant with Dimitri Petronides’ baby. But what she doesn’t count on is her baby-daddy to also taking a leave of absence — from their relationship. Convinced the baby is not his, Dimitri must work through some trust issues in order to claim the life he wants with Alexandra and their child. 

Purchase for $2.99 from Amazon or Barnes & Noble


In the mood for some hunky billionaires? Then start downloading these e-reads from Harlequin! And for more series romance, make sure to check out RT's Everything Romance Page