Elin Hilderbrand Opens Up About Her New Mainstream Novel Silver Girl

Mainstream author Elin Hilderbrand is a fan favorites for her Nantucket-set tales, which always make great beach reads. But with this month's Silvergirl Hilderbrand creates a tale that is based in reality but ripe with opportunities of love and self-discovery the way that only a mainstream novel can be. Get a special look at this compelling new novel as we go behind the scenes with the author! 

RT BOOK REVIEWS: The beginning of Silver Girl sounds ripped from the headlines as a love struck wife gets what our reviewer calls “the rug pulled out from under her” when the cops take her husband away for fraud. Did the timing of, or developments in the Maddoff story affect this tale?

Elin Hilderbrand: I got the idea for this novel from reading an article in the New York Times Sunday Styles section entitled "The Loneliest Woman in New York." I read about Mrs. Madoff's isolation and exclusion from society, and also about the fact that she still had one remaining friend from pre-school who had stood by her. That, in a nutshell, gave me the basis for this novel.

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