Ellora's Cave Announces Changes

The rumor mill has been running rampant around Ellora’s Cave, leading many to speculate what the future does or doesn’t hold for the erotica publisher. But the rumors can finally be put to rest thanks to an email originally sent to EC authors from the company’s CEO, Patricia L. Marks.

In the email, which was posted on Absolute Write’s forums yesterday and has since been removed, Marks states Ellora’s Cave has been suffering a “sharp decline of ebook sales via Amazon” and that the publisher is now having to make quick changes to avoid losing further money. The most drastic change is a shake-up in their editorial line-up. Ellora’s Cave has let go all of its freelance editors and cover artists. In-house editors and artists will take over these duties, which will hopefully result in “a more direct relationship with [its] authors”.

Additionally, Marks urges EC authors to direct readers to the EC website, Barnes and Noble and other ebook vendors instead of Amazon in an effort to provide authors with higher royalty rates and more visibility to readers. Marks also stressed that this is not “meant to be a statement about Amazon” and its ongoing feuds with Hachette.

Furthermore, Ellora’s Cave owner, who goes by the name of Jaid Black, will be launching a new business venture, which Marks stresses is “in no way a publishing company” and they hope to use it as a “means to enhance the opportunities and options that are available to [Ellora’s Cave] authors”.

Marks ended the email by declaring the company is not bankrupt and thanks the authors for their support: “We do appreciate all of you and respect your talents … What you do is valuable to everyone who comes in contact with you through your stories.”

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