The End Of The Longest Night - Yasmine Galenorn Bids Farewell To Her Indigo Court Series

Breaking up is hard to do, especially if it's with your favorite series. But every series has to end, and sometimes it's better to say goodbye than for a series to continue and get watered down. This week Yasmine Galenorn's Indigo Court series concludes with Night's End, and today she tells us how she dealt with parting with her characters and wrapping up an epic adventure.

“And they lived happily ever after…”

While a lot of faerie tales end this way, for the characters inhabiting my Indigo Court world there will always be an after. But I promise, Night's End, the fifth and final book in my dark gothic faerie tale world, ends on a good note for the majority of my characters. For a few, however, the war takes its toll, whether it be with the result of a spell to summon an army of the dead, or simply, the destiny of one’s birth playing out. Even so, I think most of my readers will be content with the way I end the series.

I decided from the beginning that the Indigo Court Series would be a finite series. I planned for a five to six book arc, and both my editor and I agreed that five would be the best number with the way things were coming to a close. So it finished out at where I wanted it to.

Unlike my Otherworld Series, the Indigo Court series is very enclosed, the world is extremely insular. There wasn’t room to expand it from the story I had to tell, and truthfully, I’m glad. It let me dive into the world, explore, tell their story and come to the surface again. The Indigo Court books were harder to write — not because I didn’t love writing them, but because they are more intense than the Otherworld books and because everything surrounds the fight against Myst — she is the focus of the story. The Queen of the Indigo Court seeks to bring the eternal winter … and she alone is the driving force behind the war.

I do admit, when I wrote the words “The End” … I cried. I sat there and cried for all the loss and pain I’ve put my characters through. And, because I added in an epilogue so my readers can see where everyone ends up, I also found myself crying because sometimes, a faerie tale does promise a glimpse of rare and wonderful adventures still lying in wait.

My favorite scene is the last paragraph of the book … and it’s no real spoiler in telling you what it was (you really don’t think I’d let Myst win and destroy everybody, I hope!): Cicely, rising over the Golden Wood in her owl form, joyously flying through the night.

My last glimpse of this tale, writing the words brought me a sense of closure. And so, I gently shut the door on their world, leaving them to their loved ones, knowing that they are safe — at least for now — and that everything ended as it needed to end.

- Yasmine Galenorn

You can pick up Night's End tomorrow to find out how things wrap up for Cicely and Rhiannon. For more supernatural stories visit our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy page.