Erased or Restored? Kasie West Talks Memories

Kasie West's Pivot Point series has enthralled readers with its unique paranormal premise and colorful characters. In Kasie's latest, Split Second, Laila steps into the spotlight, sharing narration duties. Since Laila has the power to erase and restore memories, we thought we'd ask Kasie which memories she'd like altered. Here's what she had to say:

Most embarrassing moments I’d like erased:

Hmmmm, I’m kind of known for being a bit…out there. I have no shortage of times where I’ve spoken before thinking, or been loud or crazy or weird in public places. It’s hard for me to narrow it down. But here we go.

1. I have a daughter (I actually have 3 but for this story we’re speaking of daughter number 2). When she was in the sixth grade she was in school basketball. I went to one of her games and I was one of “those” parents. You know, the kind you think are crazy because they’re yelling rude things at the refs and coaches and pretty much anybody on the court who wasn’t my daughter. I’m actually really embarrassed of my behavior. In a tiny effort to make myself seem not so insane, I will say that I have never done this at any other game before or since, but at this particular game the other team was super, super aggressive. They were jumping on the girls’ backs, elbowing faces, hitting arms, etc. and the ref never called a single foul... Look at me, I’m attempting to justify. I want to erase everyone’s memory of that day, including my own.

2. When I was in high school I was super shy. Well, at least my freshman year. (To anyone who knows me in real life, don’t roll your eyes, I really was.) And I took this speech class. We were given two options for one of the assignments. We could:

a.) demonstrate how to do something for the class. For example, show how to make a cake or golf, etc. OR you could (and I swear the teacher made this up on a whim or as a joke because he didn’t think anyone would do it)

b.) write a story about Santa Claus. Well, I didn’t have any skills as a freshman that I felt confident to share.

So, yes, I wrote a story about Santa Claus and had to read it in front of the whole class. It was supposed to be a funny story but everyone just stared at me like I was the stupidest person on the planet. Except this one really nice and popular (and cute) boy who kept giving me a courtesy laugh because I’m sure he felt so uncomfortable for me. Anyway, that was such a strong feeling of embarrassment that I remember it very clearly to this day. And funny side note, my husband and I are actually now really good friends with the boy who showed me pity in class and his wife. Weird, right? He doesn’t even remember this incident, but I do. And I’d like it gone.

Memories I’m starting to forget that I want restored:

This one I didn’t even have to think twice about. My dad. I want all the memories of him I’ve ever had to be more vivid and real and detailed. Because they’re slipping. It’s been eight years since he died and I feel like I’m losing him more and more every day. It kills me.

— Kasie West

Which memories would you like erased or restored? Let us know in the comments and be sure to grab your copy of Split Second today. And for even more YA authors and books, click on over to our Everything Young Adult Page!