Erica Hayes On The Appeal Of Fallen Angels In Paranormal Romance

In Erica Hayes' recent release Revelation, medical examiner Morgan Sterling isn't a believer, but when she meets fallen angel Luniel, the two must work together to stop a dangerous zombie virus from taking over their city. Luniel is after the demon princes responsible for unleashing the plague and must convince Morgan that the cure for the disease is more than medical. With more winged heroes gracing the pages of out favorite paranormal romance stories than ever before, we asked the author why angels make such appealing heroes. 

They slaughter innocents. They turn cities to salt. They smite their enemies with a ready sword, stained to the elbows in the blood of unbelievers and heretics. They're the relentless, remorseless bringers of holy vengeance, and they take no prisoners. Kind of like the Terminator with feathers.

Would you ever really want to meet an angel?

Yes! everyone yells. Well, yes. Okay. Definitely, if they're the smoldering, fiery-eyed warriors of paranormal romance. There's just something about these immortal alpha warriors-on-a-mission that we can't resist… and did I mention the feathers? Dude can fly, honey. Do you know how much muscle power that takes… okay, so maybe some magic involved there. So he's multi-skilled. Even better.

But fallen angels have their own special appeal. All of the above—plus, who doesn't love a bad boy? Cast out from heaven, walking the earth for eternity, neither damned nor saved. How hopelessly romantic. Mighty warriors they may be, but they're also lost souls, without a place to call their own. And some of them have been very, very naughty.

In Revelation, my hero, Luniel, has sworn never again to love a human woman. Centuries ago, heaven cast him out for putting love before duty. Big mistake. People died, souls were damned, demons had themselves a party. On any other day, he'd be burning in hell, but big brawny warriors like Lune are too precious for heaven to waste. So for eight hundred years, he's roamed the earth, one of a gang of fallen angels called the Tainted Host, who do heaven's dirty jobs. The things no one upstairs wants to handle. It's not as if he can say no: one more mistake, and he's damned.

So when Lune uncovers a plot by the Demon King to hijack the seven signs of the Apocalypse and create hell on earth, he's duty-bound to hunt the demons down. A hell-cursed plague is sweeping through Manhattan, turning everyone into flesh-munching monsters. To stop it, he needs the heroine's help—and beautiful, clever, defiant Dr. Morgan Sterling is just the kind of temptation Lune can't resist. But resist her he must, if he wants to save them both—and everyone else—from hell.

For her part, Morgan's a scientist. She doesn't even believe in angels. Surely, this guy's a liar… or a madman. This horrible flesh-eating disease can't be a demon's curse… can it? But it's hard to deny a smoldering-hot blue-eyed hunk of man with velvety black feathers and a flaming sword. Especially when it might be their last chance at love, before the world dies screaming…

That's another cool thing about angels, see: they mean trouble. They bring bad news. They never show up just to let you know everything's okay. If you see an angel coming your way, you know that mayhem and destruction aren't far behind. Like the Terminator, with feathers. Love 'em.

- Erica Hayes

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