Erotic Romance Moves To The Big Screen

There aren’t many films out there that capture the essence of erotic romance, so we were thrilled to hear that hot on the tail of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades fever, several other beloved authors may be riding their erotic e-book success right to the box office.  

Variety has just reported that author Jennifer Probst’s film rights for her February 2012 novel The Marriage Bargain are currently being shopped around. Says Variety, “current talks are expected to yield a Gersh-repped rights deal in the coming days.” While this short read is quite romantic, it shares many similar elements with the bestselling James books. There’s a tycoon hero, a relationship that is supposed to be all business — but instead becomes much more and The Marriage Bargain has sitting near the top of the New York Times bestseller list for combined print and e-book fiction. Variety also points out that Sylvia Day’s Bared to You, which is number five on the New York Times bestsellers list is another new release that will likely be snapped up for an adaptation.

With this exciting adaptation-talk in mind, we’ve picked three erotic romances that we’d love to see in theaters!

We don’t doubt that “Theory of Attraction” by Delphine Dryden would make for a great movie-going experience. This novel won the July 2012 RT Seal of Excellence and is sure to tickle the fancy — or is it ignite the fantasies? — of geeks and romance fans everywhere. What do you get when you cross one very handsome hero (who is secretly into BDSM) with an outgoing, adventurous heroine who has a pretty serious crush? A pair of neighbors who are about to become more intimate than either of them ever expected! We’re seeing Greta Gerwig or Natalie Portman as heroine Cami and Christopher Gorham or his Covert Affairs co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy as sexy scientist Ivan.

Clocking in at number two on our of top three steamy stories we want to see on the silver screen list is the upcoming erotic romance by Eve Berlin. Temptation’s Edge is an August RT Top Pick! In it, Berlin serves up a hero and heroine who are perfect for the big screen: Mischa Kennon, a platinum blonde bombshell and tattoo artist (think Grace Kelly meets Dita Von Teese) and Connor Galloway, a drop-dead sexy Dom with a an Irish brogue. (We're picturing Gerard Butler's character in P.S. I Love You.) This novel follows Mischa and Connor as the pair explore their interest in BDSM while Mischa is on vacation. But will these commitment-phobes discover that the connection they have in the bedroom is simply too good to walk away from? Mischa is no milquetoast sub, and watching Connor push her past her limits would make for one sizzling movie.

And our list book isn’t just one story — it’s a whole series! We’d pre-purchase our tickets today if Monette Michaels’ Security Specialist International series were adapted for the movies. These books aren’t just full of action, they are positively overflowing with it. The globe-trotting adventures of these fearless men and women would make for some absolutely amazing cinema! There are two full-length stories and a novella in this series so far, which means that there is literally something for everyone. But an adaptation of these stories would require some pretty special actors (with lots and lots and lots of muscles). So for the cast we are thinking some former MMA fighters turned actors like Oleg “The Russian Bear” Taktarov and Gina “Conviction” Carano would fit right into the Security Specialist world.

Did we miss the steamy read that tops your list of adaptations you’d love to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below! And for more movie new be sure to check back tomorrow for July’s edition of From Page To Screen: Upcoming Adaptation News!