Erotica Author Opal Carew Talks Tantra

  Erotica Author Opal Carew on the sexual art of Tantra and how it inspired her new novel Bliss.

I write about sex. Hot, steamy, erotic sex. But more than that, I write about people. People who change and grow. People who fall in love and build a future together.

So how do I do that with hot sex scenes? Showing people being together in the most intimate of ways, reveals a lot about them. Their vulnerabilities, their most secret desires, their hopes, their fears. And when I put my heroine in an intimate situation with a man, or men, especially in a situation that pushes her boundaries, then she gets to know a lot about herself. Often she finds out things she doesn’t want to know, or face. But face them she does, and that makes her stronger.

So you can see that the sexual situation in an erotic romance is the vehicle for the characters’ growth. It can be a challenge to come up with such a situation that will be interesting and unique. When I was struggling with what to do for my third book, my editor, Rose Hilliard, suggested that I might want to write a story based on the Kama Sutra, or something about ancient sexual teachings. Immediately, I thought of Tantra.

My husband and I have studied Tantra for many years. We even went on a weekend retreat where a couple, who are both Tantra experts, teach a group of couples how to practice Tantric sex. During the course of the weekend, the couple mentioned that many women come to them for help because they can’t experience an orgasm. Remembering that made me think of pairing a woman who has never had an orgasm with a Tantra master. That’s when the idea for Blush (released in July 2008) was born.

I love writing about Tantra because it explores a deeper level of sexual awareness and pleasure. Through my studies of Tantric sex, I have learned how to use breathing to deepen the sexual experience (especially when you synchronize with your partner), to move energy through the body to both trigger sexual excitation and to enhance an orgasm, and even to have a whole body orgasm.

I think readers of Blush enjoyed being given a taste of the ancient sexual art, especially by seeing J.M. guide Hanna through the techniques and watching her blossom as a result. Wanting to write more stories about Tantra, I thought it might be fun to put a Tantra master together with a woman who thinks the whole idea of Tantra is a load of hooey. Which leads to my July 2010 release, BLISS.

In the opening of Bliss, we find that J.M. (aka Jeremy Smith) has decided he wants to find the woman of his dreams. A woman who will love him above all others. Being a New Age type, he has been working on manifesting the perfect woman. That’s when he crosses paths with Kara ... and he instantly knows. She is the woman he’ll spend the rest of his life with.

Kara, on the other hand, is a practical woman who believes that sex is a wonderful, pleasurable experience but it is simply a physical thing. She doesn’t believe in love and she certainly doesn’t believe in Tantra which is said to bring a higher, spiritual level to sex.

Too bad the sexy hunk she meets on the plane, and has an uncharacteristic one-night-stand with, turns out to be a Tantra master.

As I mentioned, one of the techniques I learned while studying Tantra is how to use energy to have a whole body energetic orgasm ... without any touching. I think one of the highlights of Bliss is the scene where J.M. shows Kara how to have an energy orgasm. Without any physical contact between them, J.M. gives Kara one of the most intense orgasms of her life. And when they actually make love ... well, of course, she finds total Bliss!

- Opal Carew