Eve Silver And A Date With Dagan

Author Eve Silver has created a hero who stands out from the legions of vampire lovers and demon dates. Her latest hero, Dagan Krayle, from Sins Of The Heart, is a soul reaper who is making readers swoon. Now readers can see just what it would be like to spend a romantic evening with Dagan ... 

Dagan Krayl, the dark, sexy hero of Sins Of The Heart, has never been pampered or coddled or spoiled, and he’s not the type to pamper anyone else. Except for Roxy Tam, who isn’t exactly the type to be pampered. Which creates a bit of a conundrum when Dagan decides to cook dinner for two.  He’s competent in the kitchen—after all, a man…or rather, a soul reaper has to eat—but he’s no gourmand. 

Here’s the menu, and some hints as to why each choice is significant.

Tomato Canapés

Tomatoes With Some Cheese On Top

…Dagan printed this canapé recipe off the Internet. It involved a lot of dicing and chopping, which appealed given that he’s very good with a knife. Then he got to the part about the phyllo dough cups. Right. In the end, he cut the tomatoes into ½ inch slices, and layered on some fresh mozzarella, fresh ground pepper, olive oil and some balsamic vinegar he found in Roxy’s cupboard, and there you go. A perfect appetizer. 

Tenderloin Steak For Two

…make that one. Dagan likes his steak blue rare, seared on an iron grill. But for Roxy, he’s got Portobello mushrooms marinating and ready for grilling. Roxy won’t eat steak. Ever. Dagan was unwittingly responsible for that. Check out Sins Of The Heart to find out why. 

Baked Sweet Potatoes

…because what’s easier than putting potatoes in a hot oven? But Dagan goes for sweet potatoes over the usual because he has a sweet tooth in a big way. His half-human, half-god metabolism burns glucose at a crazy rate and he needs a steady supply.

Chocolate Mousse With Fresh Raspberries

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie With Caramel Drizzle & Vanilla Ice Cream

Warm Apple Pie With Vanilla Ice Cream

…Dagan’s having a bit of a problem figuring out a dessert that doesn’t have chocolate in it. While he can take it or leave it, Roxy isn’t a chocoholic kind of girl. So in the end he goes with his own tried and true fave.

So what does this meal say about Dagan? He doesn’t make a big deal about things and he’s not full of drama. He gets the job done. He prefers not to rely on others (hence, he cooks the dinner himself rather than having it catered). He’s not the sort to be disappointed in life, but then again, he didn’t exactly win the lottery when it came to his formative years.  

There’s the door…Roxy walks in all sass and swagger, and Dagan’s glad he hasn’t fired up the grill yet, because when he sees her, he decides that Roxy’s the appetizer and main course and dessert, and everything else can wait.

- Eve Silver

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