Eve Silver And A Dinner With Alastor

The second hero in author Eve Silver's Otherkin series is Alastor Krayl, a soul reaper on a mission. But even the best laid plans for revenge can be waylaid the need for romance. Get a behind the scenes glimpse of how Silver's Alastor treats his ladylove in this evening on the town ... 

Last month, I talked about dinner with Dagan, the dark and dangerous hero of Sins Of The Heart.

Today, to celebrate the release of Sins Of The Soul, Alastor Krayl—the suit-clad, über-controlled, incredibly sexy hero of the story—is taking Naphré Kurata—the kick butt heroine—to dinner. He makes a reservation at what is reputed to be the oldest restaurant in London: Rules in Maiden Lane. Which is interesting on a few levels. 

First off, the name of the restaurant holds a certain irony because Alastor’s all about rules and exerting control over pretty much everything. Which is why Naphré’s his perfect match. She tough and smart and used to taking care of herself, and she doesn’t let him control much of anything. 

Second, Rules is special to Alastor. He used to dine there when it first opened. As the second son of the Underworld überlord of chaos, Alastor was fostered out to be raised as a titled lord in a human home. He thought that’s what he was—human. Then his world was shattered when his father blew in like a storm and tore his neat, ordered existence to bits.

But back to Rules. Despite its current appeal to tourists, Alastor likes the place because of the warmth and familiarity, like a velvet Victorian cocoon. He wants to share that with Naphré, a tiny glimpse of his past. Dickens used to dine there. And Bertie. The place has changed little since then, and Alastor likes that. Change, for him, has always heralded tragedy. Except for Naphré. The changes she’s brought to his life are all for the good. 

Alastor holds Naphré’s chair as she sits. She sends him an arch look over her shoulder, the sort of look that tells him clearly that she can hold her own chair but she’s letting him get away with the chivalry thing just this once. They drink Guinness in silver tankards and eat potted shrimps and Cornish crab and wild mushrooms with roasted artichokes. Then the main course: steak and kidney pudding for him, roast grouse for her. Everything feels warm and familiar. 

But only when he meets Naphré’s gaze across the table and sees the love shining in her dark eyes does he feel like he’s truly home.

- Eve Silver

Want more Alastor? You can pick up your copy of Sins Of The Soul which is released today!