Even Supernaturals Get The Blues

In paranormal romances, supernatural is oftentimes synonymous with superpowerful. Near immortal vampires, commanding witches, warrior angels — the list for otherworldly creatures with amazing abilities goes on and on. But what happens when a supernatural has a personal problem? Something that renders them vulnerable? And no, I am not talking about kryptonite, but rather anxiety that has gone out of control.

This situation is exactly what readers will find in Shawntelle Madison’s newly released tale, Coveted, which features Natalya Stravinsky, a werewolf shifter with a debilitating obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Sure, Nat is independent (she has had to be ever since her pack has disowned her) and yes, she is physically strong (as any natural-born werewolf tends to be), but her mental state is another matter altogether. Five years ago, Nat's long-term shifter boyfriend, Thorn, deserted her and Nat’s OCD spiraled out of control. She has lots and lots of control issues that manifest in several ways. Nat wears the exact same clothing every day (a champagne colored blouse and black pencil skirt), has an unhealthy fixation on cleanliness and a pretty massive hoarding — ahem, collecting — problem. With over four hundred holiday-themed ornaments and other assorted decorations stacked ceiling high throughout her house, if there is a celebration Nat is surely prepared for it — or she would be if she ever took the items out of their boxes longer than it takes to wipe from them non-existent dust and carefully wrap them back up.

So, with issues like this hampering Nat's daily life, what’s she to do? Why join a paranormal support group, naturally.

As it turns out, Nat is not the only supernatural with issues. In therapy she meets Tyler, a very tall dwarf with serious social anxiety, muse Abby who has low self-esteem, succubus Lilith who can’t get a date much less a man, Raj, a germaphobe Indian deity and Nick, a white wizard that dresses in black and has an even worse hoarding problem than Nat.

Because of their similar issues, Nat is partnered up with Nick and the two work together to overcome their collecting problems. But as soon as Nat is ready to move on with her life and possibly start dating again, more complications arise. Thorne returns to town to take over Alpha duties for the werewolf pack that Nat has been dismissed from. Added to this, a rival pack has marked Nat for extermination. But this time, instead of just rolling over and socially playing dead, Nat is actually fighting for the life she's made … and considering more therapy. Because really, how much can a girl, even a supernatural one, take?

Interested in seeing how Nat will overcome her problems? Make sure to pick up a copy of Shawntelle Madison's new release Coveted. And for more supernatural stories, head over to our Everything Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Page.