An Evening With Author Gini Koch

Saturday evening the romance section of Posman Books in New York City was jam-packed with fans all wanting science fiction romance author Gini Koch’s autograph. Earlier this month Gini released the third in her Alien Collective series Alien in the Family. Gini’s books sold out fast, but that didn’t stop readers from grabbing up the author’s post cards and magnates. Gini mingled with the crowd who she greeted like friends — one thing you notice right away when meeting Ms. Koch, she's a hugger. 

Traditionally sci fi romance has been a bit of a hard sell, but Gini is more than happy with her chosen genre — it gives her room to talk to the crowd about a wide range of topics. Everything from Galaxy Quest to love triangles was discussed during the signing with many references to music. (Aerosmith is the author’s favorite, but she says to really get into her series, try Smash Mouth’s album Get the Picture).  

Well into the evening, I decided to ask the crowd what they loved so much about Gini’s books and the answer was unanimous: one and all are in love with the characters (especially the dreamy Jeff) and they also couldn’t get enough of the series’ realism. “It’s just so believable,” claimed one fan. “Like it could really happen.” 

Since her series follows protagonist Kitty Katt as she discovers she must fight aliens from taking over earth, those who haven’t read Gini’s books might be asking themselves — how can that be realistic? Gini says that she is constantly thinking about the believability of the story and she focuses on making Kitty as close to the women she knows as possible. “I think, if this was happening to me, how would I handle it? I don’t carrying a gun so if I was attacked I’d have to use what was in my purse to defend myself. What’s in there — my pen. Now that’s a sharp object and easy to conceal.”

Stabbing invaders with pens may be a bit difficult for every reader to identify with, so I had to ask what’s the draw of joining the Alien Collective? Gini told me that Kitty, a marketing manager by day, would answer that with another question, “Would you want to be Superbeing sushi or would you rather eat sushi in safety?” When put like that, it does seem like a no brainer. “Oh,” Gini adds. “Also, when in the Collective you get to work with the hottest people on the planet.” To which the gathered fans hooted and hollered. 

Gini Koch fans at the author's Saturday book signing in NYC